Here’s why Rafael Nadal should carry Spain’s flag during the 2016 Olympic Opening Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro

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(AP) The president of Spain’s Olympic committee would like to see Rafael Nadal as the country’s flag bearer in Rio de Janeiro, in part to make a statement after recent doping accusations made against him.

It will be up to a group of federation presidents to pick the flag bearer, but Alejandro Blanco said Wednesday that Rafa deserves to be chosen for what he has done for Spanish sports.

Rafa was supposed to be the flag bearer at the 2012 London Olympics but got injured before the games and was replaced by NBA player Pau Gasol.

Speaking at a media event in Madrid, Blanco said having Rafa as Spain’s flag bearer would be important after the recent doping accusations made by former French Minister for Health and Sport Roselyne Bachelot, who claimed on French television that the Spaniard’s seven-month injury hiatus in 2012 was “probably due to a positive doping test.”

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“Spanish sports owe him a lot,” Blanco said. “In Beijing, he was the athlete who was followed the most by the international media and by other athletes. Rafa Nadal took Spanish sports to another level.

“I think he should be the flag bearer, especially after how he has been treated. He deserves to feel that Spanish sports care about him.”

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  1. A so best of all and greatest of all in the universe will only say …..who cares about the flag ………but sorry only a true sport person can understood the feeling of it ……the pride and proud feeling to carry the nation hopes in the biggest event of sports……
    it would be so honoured feeling to get opportunity to win for ur country and raise ur country flag

    Sorry ……. it was very not so good comment

  2. Sad but true –

    The only possible solution, as John McEnroe and Brad Gilbert point out in the article, is hiring a new coach. They’ve been saying this for years, as have several other legendary players and coaches. But our favorite player refuses to listen. He would rather continue his downward spiral than make any changes to his team. Resting on his laurels at the ripe old age of 29, the fire in his belly is gone. And – barring a miracle – it ain’t coming back.

  3. why there should be debate about this ……………..i mean is this question valid also ………….rafa should and will carry the flag………….as he was supposed to carry in earlier olympics…………it so plain and simple………………..
    the debate should be and please update on the plaster on rafa wrist …………………..i just hope he alright

    • Rafa is not revealing the nature or cause of his wrist injury. Probably – IMHO – because he injured it while playing golf, just like he did two years ago. Very hard to admit a big time screw up like that.

      • That would be very dumb and sad. And who cares about the flag. Who carries gold is what matters.

  4. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) We hope you will be chosen to carry the Flag at the Olympics Opening Ceremony!!!!! : ) Not only for the fact that you have earned an Olympic Gold medal but your Global reach, beautiful representation of your country & for your kind charity work. VAMOS & have a great time in Monte Carlo. Lots of love & happiness!!!! : ) .

  5. Spain’s greatest and most admired and respected spots person. He deserves the honour. Vamos Rafaaaa

  6. Rafa should definitely carry the flag! He is a true ambassador of the sport, and a true ambassador for Spain! Vamos Rafa! He is loved and admired by all sports fans all over the world!

  7. I totally agree that Rafa should carry the Spanish flag at Olympics as totally fitting, he was to do so at 2012 but was injured. I also think that his contemporaries in other sports would agree. Anyway, all the best in Monte Carlo as all of you millions of fans will endorse. Vamos

  8. Totally agree Rafa is the best person to carry flag for Spain no doubt about it
    He is a wonderful person and an among tennis player

  9. Rafa is the most humble and talented Spanish tennis player ever and he deserves to carry the flag in Rio. As for doping, I think that is utter rubbish as somehow I think his Mum/Dad/Uncle Toni would have a big something to say about that and I don’t think Rafa would ever want to let them down. But most importantly, he is too genuine to ever resort to drugs. I think Rafa is the most exciting tennis player I’ve ever seen and he is a great champion and the most likeable mega-star on the planet. Vamos Rafa!!

  10. I think he should because of the superb athlete he is and the gentleman he is. He is passing his gifts on to others by building his Tennis school. He represents Spain in the very best way possible.

  11. rafa is the best that spain as had as an ambassidor for years,he is the most hubble person and should carry his countries flag.

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