Rafa Roundup: Umpires favour Rafa, claims Nick Kyrgios

AFP Photo/Carl Court
AFP Photo/Carl Court


Let’s be clear: Nadal, who has won the French Open a record nine times, has never, ever failed a drug test. The only evidence Noah, Bachleot and others have against him are his bulging biceps and packed trophy case. But the French hate Rafa, and so they suspect the worst.

The best response he can offer his French critics: he can find his form in the weeks ahead and win his 10th French Open in June, just after his 30th birthday. A bonus: beating Monfils and Gasquet on his way to upsetting World No. 1 Novak Djokovic in the final.

“No, that’s bull—-,” Kyrgios said. “You know it too. Anyone else, like if Rafa [Nadal] did that, nah, nah, you’d keep it cool. Keep it cool. This game is biased as anything. You all know it as well … It’s biased as s—, this game. What else has it got to hide? It’s ruined. Absolutely ruined.”

The mini tantrum seemed to help energize the Australian, as he went on to win the first set in a tiebreaker before running away with the match, 7-6 (3), 6-3.

When asked about the incident, Kyrgios simply said, “I stand by those comments.”

The Big Four and co. hit the glamour and stunning sea views of the Monte-Carlo Country Club for the year’s third ATP Masters 1000 event. Novak Djokovic is the trophy holder but Rafa Nadal won the title eight times in a row between 2005 and 2012. Neither Roger Federer nor Andy Murray have managed to win the event, with the former losing in the final on four occasions.

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  1. Kyrgios should be learning manners and sportsmanship that Rafa has, instead of shooting his mouth off to get the inner strenghth to play a hard match,

  2. Kyrgios is a choir boy compared to McEnroe, Connors, Nastase and other bad boys of yesteryear. Trust me on this one. I saw them all in person. Unedited. Unfiltered. Uncensored. Insults, profanities, racquet smashing, defaults, fines, you name it, were par for the course. They didn’t get their “Nasty” nicknames by accident. They earned it. In spades. Our current bad boy from Australia has a long way to go before he achieves that kind of notoriety. See for yourself. Enjoy –




    • In hindsight Jonn McEnroe behaviour was appalling …should have been thrown off court …but I love him as a commentator ..they all were the real bad boys …agreed

  3. You’re our hero. You must be strong no matter what somebody says.
    The tennis without you is unsalted.
    The tournament are alive with your presence.
    I love you Nadal. Always VAMOS RAFA

  4. Why all the talk about Kyrious on Rafa’s fan page! They are not to be compared in any way, shape or form. The only thing they have in common is that they both play tennis well but one has 14 GS and 27 1000 titles and the other has??????????

  5. We saw Nicky play against Neishakori last evening. He behaved himself, played well and acted pretty well for being in the quarter finals in Miami. Now, he can’t go about bad mouthing Rafa. There are a lot of Rafa fans in the world and Nicky is just coming up the ladder Be cool, Nicky!

  6. Nick Kyrgios it’s a disgrace for tennis the man can hit a bit the ball but has no class at all,a good tennis player has that,but this guy just have a big mouth.

    • Everyone thinks Nadal is the king of tennis. They have new generations. So stop talking so bad about Nick. He will be No. 2 after Federer. Pooor Rafaelito.

  7. What a joke , Kyrgios is the one who gets away with murder on the tennis courts with his swearing and muttering rude comments about other players not to mention hitting the ball hard into the crowd , and rarely anything is said. It certainly is biased as hwe swears constantly and Rafa did it once in his career a couple of weeks ago and got a warning. Kyrgios has lowered the tone of tennis with the way he acts and his chanting groupies , He is not setting a good example to the children who go to watch . if I want to see this behaviour I will start going to football matches

  8. Yeah, trash started to show on the tennis courts couple of decades ago. The big advantage: more competition. The disadvantage: trash talk. Although players who aren’t as trashy as Nick the Greek, can be just as foul mouthed at times.

  9. Kyrgios is an immature idiot, but I don’t think he was taking a shot at Rafa, I think he alluded to how highly respected Rafa is, and often respect leads to leniency. Rafa deserves the respect he gets because he is a true gentleman, and would never do the stupid things that Kyrgios does.

  10. If Kyrgios think tennis is bias…why doesn’t he take up another sport? He sounds like a spoiled brat…whine whine whine

  11. Nick Kyrgios is not like able at all. He may be talented as a tennis player but is too argumentative. Maybe he should keep his mouth shut and just play tennis. Too abrasive….and crybaby. Sure he is not well liked by other players. Don’t care how good he is, do not enjoy watching his matches.

    • He behaved welll when he played against federer. You people just like to trash everyoone if the name is not nadal or Federer. He needs a class on edjucaion.

  12. Nick kyrgios a forked tongue well he better beware it has arrived on the prices of major and did nothing to prove that he is not at their level rather that Rafa. The only solution for Let it is for this he accuses the referees to favor Rafa

  13. Nick kyrgios a forked tongue well he better beware it has arrived on the prices of major and did nothing to prove that he is not at their level rather that Rafa. The only solution for q’uil does not feel less est’accuser referees to favor Rafa. It is lamentable poor kid. continuing in this spirit it will not go away
    VAMOS RAFA you are the greatest

  14. I think the only thing wrong with tennis at the moment is that mouth piece kyrgios . How old is he 19/20 ? I think he should shut up and win something before he starts mouthing off . Nadal had won two slams at that age . And please don’t compare his antics with McEnroe (different planet)

  15. Rafa c,est le meilleur au monde.L,année dernière il a été malade mais cette année il va se reprendre et moi je suis certaine qu,il va redevenir le Champion du monde .Bravo Rafa.montre aux français que tu es le meilleur au monde.

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