Rafael Nadal Named One of 2015’s Sexiest Men Alive By ‘People’

Rafael Nadal underwear Tommy Hilfiger

The winner of People’s annual Sexiest Man Alive content was announced last week, and David Beckham walked away with the crown. But while he didn’t snag the cover, Rafael Nadal managed to earn a spot on the list.

Congrats Rafa!


  1. Rafa’s sweet and subtle genuine personality is what is so irresistibly attractive about him and the outer shell of having those nice legs and bum makes the package complete. He exudes sexuality without being arrogant or flaunting it and that is what makes him so universally loved!

    Rafa is the best!

  2. @ FR. Let’s just hope Rafa’s confidence is where it needs to be in 2016. I hope for Rafa that it is. He has won 14 Grand Slam Titles, to me that oozes confidence. Let us hope and pray he regains great confidence and know how when it comes to winning matches. God bless Rafa in 2016 and far beyound. Marylynn.

  3. Thank you for tennis this year,you have got better and better,number 5 in the ratings is so good,I will look forward to seeing you next year,80 games is a lot to play in a year,have a good time back home in manacor,by for now Glennis from the Isle of Man

  4. As a Great Thinker, I do not reason like the ordinary folks do. So, for the Great Thinker, all these comments and non-tennis focussed awards or whatever are nothing, but a serious distraction to Rafa. Apart from his injuries (which can be safely called ‘Unavoidable distractions’), this also expalins why Rafa has been declining in performance. Rafa has seriously lost focus and when focus is lost, determination also flies out of the window!

    As it is, it is by far better to be demonic looking like the Djoker and still be No 1 in the World than to be the most sexiest in the world and be a loser.


    • Great thinker with yet another entry which reveals him to be exactly the opposite of his laughable moniker.

      Tell me, Great Thinker, do you really and truly think that Rafa’s picture being included in a photo array of whom People magazine declares the sexiest men of 2015 affects him in any way? Do you actually think Rafa is sitting around somewhere in Majorca ruminating on this instead of focusing on tennis? I assure you he cares not one iota about whether he is one of the sexiest people in the world or not. It’s mainly for the fans, I would imagine, who are happy when Rafa makes such a list. If you do think this sort of thing distracts him, then you have an even lower opinion of Rafa than I think you do, and makes me question why you are even a fan of someone who would be such a moron as to let this sort of thing affect him.

      He’s been dealing with this kind of publicity for years, as well as promoting his good looks for financial gain in various deals since he started his career, and yes, that includes the days when he was #1 in the world, so I am pretty sure he knows how to handle this kind of thing at this stage. Furthermore, anyone with even an ounce of brain power would realize that,

  5. I’d rather have Rafa than Beckham, with all his awful tattoos!! Rafa was robbed, he should,have won!!

  6. Rafa oozes sex appeal…he is drop dead gorgeous ..perfect male body….a smile that melts millions of female hearts ..beautiful man…kind and caring..an amazing sportsman.. David is ok not a patch on Rafa .

  7. To me he’s the sexiest guy on the planet..perfection..body,legs, that gorgeous smile ..he oozes sex appeal..he’s gentle with kids ..great with his adoring fans..and a thoroughly nice guy…not to mention bloody handsome ..oh Rafa what do you do to us ladies..David is ok ..not a patch on you ..and he faithful to his very lucky girl..and very Rich..what more could you want in a man mmmmn

  8. Let me just say that RAFA, especially in the TH ads is absolutely sexy and gorgeous.
    I think his character and intelligence really adds to his sexiness.

    RAFA fan forever

  9. Rafael Nadal is way ahead, gorgeous body, beautiful intelligent eyes, dazzling smile, warm and fun and has a unique ability to connect with people. Rafael has a wonderful presence He is a humanitarian, involved in projects in Spain and the school in India. He has it all.

    David Beckham is okay but does not have an attractive mouth, all those tattoos are not vey attractive either

  10. Rafa IS the sexiest man of the whole bunch! WHY: He’s not just good looking, intelligent, respectful, loyal, and caring; he’s a humanitarian in the truest sense, and is giving back with humanitarian work in various countries, including his own. His tennis academies in Spain will focus primarily on the CHARACTER of the individual tennis player–a refreshing change of order which will result in magnificent athletes, just like him. Now, if all of this doesn’t make him the sexiest man in the world, I don’t know what you can be thinking!!!

    • Rafa is the total definition of sexy. He is drop dead gorgeous and has a heart of gold. His smile could light up a dark room. He is kind, loyal, a family man, and a fierce competitor. He is one class act.

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