Rafael Nadal loses in Paris Masters quarter-finals [PHOTOS]

Au Revoir, Paris! Rafael Nadal was knocked out of the BNP Paribas Masters, losing after two hours and 23 minutes to fourth seed Stan Wawrinka 7-6(8), 7-6(7) in the quarterfinals.

Next up are the ATP World Tour Finals in London in two weeks’ time.

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  1. rafa ur only goal should be to end the season being healthy
    u r health is so much important than anything else so just do look after u and take care

  2. Yes a bad thing to loose this match but never mind rafa since recently u played number of matches which were mentally draining for u and best thing u overcoe with solutions in that matches….
    u missed ur forehands on important points or improper selection of shots which indicates little nervy but u were playing against a good opponent and though player like u it easy to repeat that holding ur mental strength day and day again but this year watching ur mental this year it is more satisfying at this point of year….. it is understandable that this match was so mentally draining for u ….
    best part of the match was u hit an absolutely amazing down the line forehand after setting it up with cross court forehand which will be very useful in grand slams

    as is said earlier today it was again visible that u were again in making a “rafa factor” in opponent mind i.e the opponent even on the brink of winning have doubt in their mind because of u that they can still loose the match
    and it was visible when stan serving for match on 5-4 and u broke him

    i was saying earlier u should not overplay urself, u should choose tournament tactically at this stage of career
    rafa please don’t let this match any effect on ur nerves and not even 1 percent on ur confidence since V know in best years u have made only a final in 2007 in paris and not a surface likable by you, but i think u were so good on this surface this year and probably will able to win this title next year. so nothing to worry about this result and for u it is again a help/opportunity to train u better

    just continue to hit the balls beyond the service box area and do have a look at strings after london

    i am very confident that u will win many more grand slams in coming years come what any opponent at any level

    whether u should change/ add any member to ur team i will not comment since ur at this stage of maturity knows the best what needs to do( that doesn’t mean fans should not suggest u)

    sad part of the result that i will not able to watch u play in two more matches
    watched last two matches at 2 AM and 3 AM but worth watching u rafa u r so special in tennis game ur so exciting and inspiring to watch

    just enjoy the days before london and have great rest the only goal should not to be healthy and feel at right attitude for next year grand slams
    vamos rafa vamos

    • I always appreciate many of your insightful kind comments Ashish ……. & as you well know, Rafa is back & he is back STRONG!!!!! His health & well being IS THE MOST IMPORTANT……..

      VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : )

  3. This messsage is not for Rafa. I already sent him one. This message is for his coach Uncle Tony.
    Uncle Tony, is you see Rafa is not improving and losing and losing and you are his couch, it does not talk very nice about you. If you really love Rafa, please bring a new person and coach so he can have new ideas.
    He is playing the same as 4 years ago. You should be shame of yourself for not
    telling him this. I am sure, he will be very happy if you tell him so.
    I hope you will do it ASAP because it is not fair for Rafa.
    No sea envidioso porque lo que usted esta haciendo es perjudicar a Rafa y el no tiene el valor de decircelo. HAGALO PERO YA.

    • Rafa is has been winning matches & staying highly competitive! He has done remarkably well maintaining a top relevant high level play & he & his team have our uttermost respect & admiration for their effective work together!!!!! We are mighty grateful to Rafa’s extraordinary success & efforts, Uncle Toni labor & dedication, & to the rest of the amazing loyal & strong group …his kind Physio & the outstanding amazing GREAT TEAM !!!!! : ) God bless them all!!!!!! Vamos & God bless Rafa…. he is something very special in his solid Tennis & in his solid character !!!! : )

  4. When is rafa leaving the land of losers? There have been positives of late but the sheer reality is that he battles with sub top players and loses to guys like tsonga, stan and roger. Players he used to own. He took a small step backwards again last night. He lost once again a match that was his. Get a coach!

  5. Well as I said before the gamle is going in the right direction but seriously what’s up with the serve. It’s always is in the net. Rafa MUST improve the serve, that is what’s costing him these matches I’m afraid.

    • Ifully agree with these comments. Rafa has to focus on improving his seve. He should be able to serve Aces like all other top players are diong.His coach should have been aware of this.The effort and fight shown by Rafa goes waste .I he Rafa ‘s coach is able to do something about it.Our best wishes are with Rafa always.

      • You are correct. He should serve several aces like the other one. He had double faults. Also, the game is the same, long, long shots instead trying to do something different. I think, it would be a good idea for the people that organize the events to have matches early. It is not fair for a player to start at 10.30pm. played for two hours or more and they need to play the next day for the semi finals. Rafa, I wish you the best. Tony is not doing a good job. You need to bring someone else to your team. I LOVE YOU AND I WANT YOU TO WIN ALL THE TIME. VAMOS RAFA.

  6. the match was to late, anyone’s body is really ready for bed not play tennis, .
    Rafa, please take another coach .never thought I would say this, but the time has come god bless and vamoss in parisxxx

  7. Well, didn’t the Great Thinker predict that Rafa should tactically play to lose?!
    And that was exactly what happened! These matches are more important than what we see or expect.
    In the 1982 Football World Cup. Germany needed only a point from their last match so that they will remain on top of the group and avoid meeting Brasil in the next round. Meanwhile, Austria was to face Germany and had ;drawn their previous matches Cameroun and Romania.to have 2 points. So, Germany had 3 points, Austria 2 points, Cameroun 2 points, Romania 1

    Now to the exciting part: For a Country to qualify for the next round, the Country must have a minimum of 3 points. Germany wanted to avoid Brasil at all cost, but needed a point; Austria wanted to qualify but had only 2 points. So, what is the solution? Now, in the pre-world cup qualifiers, Germany had twice destroyed Austria by 5 -0 and 4 -0! So, the whole world expected Germany to run over Austria (just as the whole world expected Rafa to beat Stan the Man) – but what happened? Germany played a very drab goaless draw (0-0) with Austria!!! lol.And there are countless other examples like this.

    So, there is more to Sports than meets the eye!

    We therefore congratulate Rafa for ‘tactically’ not winning a match that he could easily have won. If Roger Federer or Andy Murray or even Dustin Brown were Rafa’s next opponet, you can be sure that Rafa would have literally destroyed Stan!

    But for now, the fear of Djokovic is the beginning of wisdom. Rafa needs to protect his Head to Head advantage (23: 22) against Djokovic, until he feels confident enough to beat him.

    Wisdom is the true strength of valour.

  8. The match was Rafa’s to lose. I’m sure he knows it too. Stan did not play better than Rafa. Rafa has made many improvements and adjustments on court. He is trying. I too think that he needs a good rest before the finals. It will do wonders for him. I have been wanting to say this because I really believe it: Novak Djokovic is a Great tennis player everyone agrees and I know that he has been practically unbeatable. But in my heart (and mind), I feel that Rafa is a better tennis player. I also feel that soon he will reach a point where he will win matches against Novak. I definitely don’t think that Rafa should or would ever part with Uncle Toni, but I definitely do feel that a super good coach should be added to their team; even on a trial basis for 6 months. It would give Rafa’s and his team a whole new perspective on how he can improve his game, win easier, and not have to struggle as much on court. That said, with or without additional coaching, I know, truly know that Rafa will overcome and break through his fear and self doubt. He will win big. I was broken hearted that he lost against Stan tonight, but I also know that Rafa had control of that match but somehow the self-doubt took over and he lost some confidence during the match. That is one reason for him to have a new (or another) voice in his camp. He needs reinforcement of what he is doing great, what he needs to work on the most, and what he needs to start doing but is not, and also what he might need to do differently. Maybe if we, his fans, say a little prayer that he gets this it will happen sooner than later. I think he is a great person, with great integrity. I think, as I said earlier that he is a great tennis player; I want him to win big for a couple of more years because I think someone of his calibre deserves to. Rafa probably would disagree and maybe say that he has had a great career an couldn’t ask for more, and maybe he would be right. But I stand by what I’ve said – so win big in 2016 Rafa. Love, Marylynn.

  9. Vamos Rafa.💖. Thank you for all the great matches you gave us. As I have already said you are nearing your goal.

    You will be in the top four by 2016.

    Keep up the hard work, n you will be rewarded. Let tongues wag.
    Just keep moving forward.

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you Rafa.💖 till the end.

    Will remain a true loyal fan.

  10. Most of the matches today have been tied so it means have been more competitive and not easy to win. I’m glad with the Rafa loss, now he has more time to rest and to be better fitted in London where I expect and have the confidence that he will get that title under his belt

  11. Rafa’s loss to Wawrinka, along with many other losses this year, is exactly why Novak, when asked about Rafa’s coaching situation last July, said that he should NOT make any changes, and should just stick with Uncle Toni. Because Novak is looking out for Novak. Not his opponents. As any true professional should.

  12. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) You played great & it was a very very very close great match!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) no more words needed here……. God bless you & there will be other opportunities with the right conditions. VAMOS & enjoy all your amazing victories thus far!!!!! : ) : ) : )

  13. I hate to say I told you so, but …..

    Rafa is nowhere near his best form. His progress this year has been marginal at best. Every match is like Groundhog Day. Same weak serve. Same weak return of serve. Same erratic forehand. Same tentative, timid, meek shot-selection–especially on big points or when he’s ahead on the scoreboard. Same close matches that shouldn’t be close. Same losses that shouldn’t be losses. Same old, same old, same old since October 2013(except for Roland Garros 2014). It’s like deja` vu all over again–to coin a phrase.

    You better get used to it folks, because it ain’t gonna change unless Rafa changes his coach, which he has no intention of doing because “family is more important than tennis”(whatever that means); and Uncle Toni has no intention of accepting a demotion or leaving because that would surely cost him his lucrative Iberostar endorsement, and probably some other endorsements that we don’t even know about.

    Scream, cry and attack me all you want folks. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

    • I agree with you, uncle Tony should be gone or bring a new coach, so he can improve his game. I am so upset that Tony does not suggest this. Envidioso uncle TONY,
      Rafa deserves to win.

  14. SAd Rafa lost today ! Was at work only anxiously checking the score ! Rafa you have improved a lot you have the confidence the fire in your eyes to win ! Please try adding a new coach like JOhn McEnroe just part/time and change some of the dynamics in your game so you wont be predictable, cut the points short and avoid the long rallies. I’m sur eyou had fun and you played awesome ! will always love and support you good luck in London ! Get some rest !

  15. I think, the match started too late and they should have started earlier. The matches were so long and it was very interesting, but I think, they were so many mistakes in both sides. Rafa needs to change his game and get another coach. Uncle Tony is doing nothing for him to improve his game. Just long, long shots. He should change it a little bit, so the other player does not know what he will be doing. Kind of dissapointed for Rafa because he deserved to win, but at the end too many mistakes. So sorry Rafa. Tu eres mi campeon para mi. Nos vemos en Londres. Animo. You friend from Mexico.

  16. Keep up the fight; someone will eventually be tough enough to beat Djoko. Rafael will certainly have the motivation!

  17. It was not Rafael’s night . I felt that he was tired . Very late start 10.45 pm local time . Think the scheduling needs some tweaking. The afternoon session could have started at 12 noon . He looked in control and then lost serve . No bit of luck in tie breaker either . He deserves great credit for fighting back and forcing another tie breaker. Looked like he was going to win the second set but a couple of wayward shots cost him. I am disappointed for him and his team but a lot of positives can be taken from this week. 2016 is the year we all look forward to . Next London so let us wish him well there.

  18. Congratulations Rafa,you made tremendous effort after your break for nearly 9 months if I am not wrong.Keep the momentum going and you will come back as world number 1.

  19. So happy for Rafa! He has been playing sensational tennis since the Asian Swing through
    Paris. Of course there will be more positive results to come. Can’t wait!

    He played two tight and exciting sets against Stan who I very much like and respect.

    Congrats to Stan and my utmost respect to Rafa and his team for all the wonderful improvements he has been making on the courts! Vamos Rafa!

  20. Rafa had another very Tough Match tonight , He should be Congratulated for getting this Far , Roll on 2016 ….. Be Very Proud of Yourself Rafa …….

  21. RAFA did his best today as always, just not enough to get over the finish line. He was darn close though. He’s had some great weeks getting some good time on court which he wanted and now unto LONDON.

    Hopefully a little R&R with Xisca before he fights again.

    Congrats to Stan

    RAFA fan forever

  22. So disappointed for Rafa. He had the match on his racket but Rafa made too many mistakes in the key-moments:(

    Keep your head up and take rest after two long weeks of play.

    Always with you. Vamos Rafa <3 <3 <3

  23. Could have gone either way. It was sooo close. Rafa played a great game. Certainly getting back to his best form.

  24. So disappointed for Rafa. He played sensationally. Returning to his best form for sure! Always with our Champ. Vamos Rafa!

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