Rafa Roundup: Corretja says Nadal can win a Grand Slam in 2016

Photo: Cosentino
Photo: Cosentino


A caffeinated Wawrinka rallied from a break down in the opener after a courtside coffee, then saved three set points in a tense tiebreaker before saving another three in the second-set breaker to slip past Rafael Nadal in two rollicking sets, 7-6(8), 7-6(7).

Nadal hasn’t had his best season by a long a shot, but he may have had his best fall since 2005. Normally, Rafa is spent or injured, by this point in the year; since ’05, he won just one title, in Tokyo in 2010, after the U.S. Open. But while he hasn’t won any events this fall, either, he has shown signs of improvement on his least favorite surface, indoor hard courts.

Rafa’s game could go away again; he’s played a lot of tennis over the last two weeks, and by the time you read this, he may have lost to Wawrinka. But seeing a little of the magic of old, it made me wonder about the effects that age has had on Nadal. Maybe next year we’ll look back and realize that age didn’t lower his top level, so much as it simply slowed his return to it.

Referring to Nadal’s injury-plagued end to 2014 which saw him miss the US Open and the ATP World Tour Finals, Corretja said: “When you don’t play for a while, you are bound to lose rhythm and you have some doubts. But when he’s healthy, he’s still perhaps the strongest guy on the tour. I understand Novak is playing at an amazing level at the moment. But the toughest opponent Novak can have is a Rafa in good condition. And I believe he is going to be ready to win Slams again in 2016.”




  1. Allow people to make their own choices. – Of course, you can give advice but remember, in the end, each person has to make decisions for themselves, and so does Rafa ❤️ VAMOS Champ. – Thanks for being you 😘🌟🏆🎾💪

  2. Rafa’s on the right track. – I believe in you champ and loove the picture, you look gorgeous ❤️ Good luck in London and all the best for 2016. VAMOS! 🍀🎾🌟😘

  3. This prediction is so irrealistic…and I am afraid that this is exactly how Nadal’s team feed him. Ignore the 20+ losses, ignore the fact that you lose 90% of the matches against the top 10. U r close to winning a major!

    • And even worse, Rafa actually believes them. It’s the blind leading the blind. Or something like that.

  4. Rafa is improving and must have hurt him a lot to lose to Stan so close also Roger so close. but I will agree if he continue to improve and keep his serves like he did for the past two weeks he can win slam 2016 ! Can’t wait for him to add a new coach and Uncle Tony needs a break too old school for Rafa game now ! Bring on a new coach Rafa John McEnroe is the man to get to get you some more slams !

  5. Ironically, with all of the problems or issues Rafa has been having which have been detrimental to his game, (physical issues, lack of confidence and nerves on court, etc.) he did better on the indoor hard courts than I expected. To me that is a positive. He made many adjustments to his game and hopefully will continue to do so, expecially with his serve. So, I am hoping all improvements and more carry over going forward. That is what I am hoping for Rafa. I do truly hope that his uncle is working on finding another super coach to add to the team to help Rafa improve and strengthen his game. This is what Rafa needs. You deserve the best Rafa. Love, Marylynn.

  6. I think that 2016 will be a good year for Rafa. He is working so hard and he is improving greatly!
    Best of luck for London O2 and Vamos for 2016!

  7. Iy a pas de problème rafa , tu as joué un très bon tennis t’inquiète ….. VAMOS et reste cool !!!!

  8. Rafa has already started working for the next season. His confidence and game is returning to their best form therefore a grand slam is within Rafa’s grasp. Good luck for London and an exciting 2016! Vamos Rafa!

  9. Rafael was so close to winning; it will add to his confidence that he is competing at a very high level. All the players are up against a gruelling schedule, and the best players log many more hours than those who lose in the early rounds.

    • Rafa lo que necesita es un asistente entrenador que te puedes ayudar. Dios quiera que puedes segir adelante. Vaaamos Rafa I hope in Yr.2016 you will become successful.

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