Rafael Nadal beats Wu Di at China Open [PHOTOS]

(AFP) Rafael Nadal stuttered to victory against one of his former ball boys at the China Open on Tuesday. Out-of-sorts Rafa was broken four times by China’s 230th-ranked Wu Di, who once tossed him balls and towels in Shanghai, before winning an error-strewn match 6-4, 6-4.

“We don’t need to talk more about confidence, rhythm. That’s my level today, and I’m going to work hard to try to improve my level of today,” he said, after reaching the second round.

“But tomorrow is another opportunity. I played a match today that I can play better, and I think I can play better tomorrow because I’m practising well.”

On a heavily polluted day in Beijing, Wu anticipated superbly when he lunged for a forehand volley winner for his first break of the Spaniard early in the first set, and he wasn’t done yet. Wu broke again to go ahead in the second set but with both players uncomfortable on serve, Nadal was able to wrap it up after 86 minutes and progress to a second-round meeting with Vasek Pospisil.

“I’m practising well, so the level of tennis is going to be there sooner or later. I am working a lot to make that happen. I think I’m closer to that,” Rafa said. “I know it’s obvious that I need results to confirm that. But we are almost at the end of this season and I have time to keep playing the last tournaments of the year with the chance to practise the things that I need to do for next year. My goal is recover the level especially to play my best on clay next year.”

Source: Agence France-Presse


  1. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) Congratulations on your great China Open steadfast beginning & your beautiful opening 2 wins!!!!!!: ) ci……ci…..ci…..So much fun to watch you move on the court!!!!! Great matches…..well done!!!!!! : ) Enjoy your strong serve, speedy net coverage & all your creative, great FH & BH Returns……VAMOS…….VAMOS……VAMOS…… God bless you & have fun celebrating w your amazing coach uncle Toni & the team!!!!!: )

  2. Rafa just wants to hit Rock bottom this year so he has no ATP points to defend next year and all the ATP points to collect on the way back to the top.

  3. Rafa seems totally clueless about what’s ailing him. He thinks it’s all about his confidence and nerves. But what he fails to understand is that ALL players have fluctuations in their confidence and nerves, even the best of the best. When Novak played Roger in the final of Indian Wells earlier this year, the TV announcer pointed out how Novak’s hand was shaking violently when he drank from his water bottle during the change of ends in the 2nd set tiebreaker. And indeed it was. But despite his nerves, Novak continued to play AGGRESSIVELY, without fear, and came out on top in the end(6-3, 6-7,6-2).

    The main difference between Novak and Rafa at this point in their careers is that Novak has EXCELLENT COACHING that has instilled in him a CLARITY of purpose(hit the ball hard and deep at every opportunity) and style(maintain proper court positioning, balance and racquet follow through whenever possible). Rafa, on the other hand, has a “coach” that no other player on tour would hire, even if he offered his services for free. Uncle Toni, truth be told, is really not a coach at all. He’s a companion. But Rafa doesn’t need a companion. He needs a coach – a REAL coach. Pronto. Because he ain’t getting any younger, and he’s extremely injury prone, which could interrupt or end his career in the blink of an eye. Rafa needs to get his act together. NOW. Before it’s too late.

  4. It is painful to watch Rafa these days. even Wu Di can play longer shots than RAFA. What improvements rafa brought to his game?
    repeating the same old stuff. play way far beyond the baseline. horrible serves and 90 percent of his shots landed at the middle of court.

  5. Rafa, it is about time you cut the media conversations short without being downright rude (which is not your style), the next match is the next match and hopefully a win, good luck for tomorrow.

  6. How boring and repetitive is the media towards Rafael. So right to cut them off quickly. The last 4 games were heartening and showed that Rafael stayed calm under pressure. Move on to the next match. Vamos Rafaaaa

    • Deep Thinker,
      Lizzy, I still maintain that Rafa will not go beyond the quarter -final stage, if at all he gets there.
      He took a lot of things for granted by wanting to sleep on his laurels of 14 Grand Slams and now, it’s payback time.

      But then, life is more than Tennis.

      Vamooooooossssss Rafa!!!!!!!!! You can do it!!

  7. That’s the way rafa to go about…..just cut the crap of that confidence and rhtym issue and giving long explanation to media
    U r right just focus on nxt match ….take each match at a time
    U r getting closer if u feel that thats enough for fan like us
    Dont need u to get accepted by media

    Sometimes u hve to behave with media as a person who hve 14 grand slams
    V know u dont like it
    Bst luck for next match
    A win is a win

  8. That’s the way rafa to go about…..just cut the crap of that confidence and rhtym issue and giving long explanation to media
    U r right just focus on nxt match ….take each match at a time
    U r getting closer if u feel that thats enough for fan like us
    Dont need u to get acfept

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