Rafa Roundup: New season, new styles, new coach for Rafael Nadal?

Nicolas Asfouri / AFP
Photo: Nicolas Asfouri / AFP


“Every day is an opportunity to improve,” said Nadal, currently No. 7 in the Emirates ATP Race To London and chasing a spot in next month’s Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. “I take this tournament like another opportunity to play close to the way that I want to play. I have the motivation to play here at a tournament that I love. I have one of the best memories of my career in this center.”

Speaking to the AFP ahead of Rafa’s opening-round match in Beijing, Uncle Toni said he would be open to coaching or technical changes if the 14-time Grand Slam champion does not have a bounce-back season in 2016.

“It’s true that this year he’s going a little down but I am sure the comeback of Rafael is coming soon,” Toni Nadal told  AFP. “Maybe if next year Rafael is playing not too good, then I think he can think about some changes in his game or in his team.”

The academy, which will be in Nadal’s hometown of Manacor in the Balearic Islands, “is a project we’ve been working on for years and it’s in the final construction phase, opening in May 2016,” the tennis star told the crowd, adding that he hoped a big Chinese star would come out of his school.

“We expect to have many Chinese and Asian players, and we’ll try to coach the players who stand out on the tour in the following generations,” Nadal, currently the world No. 7, said.

Rafael Nadal and Guillermo Coria – These two clay-court demons played an epic match in the 2005 Rome Masters final, won by the 18-year-old Nadal 7-6 in the fifth set. Coria, the 2004 French Open finalist, had come into the season as the top dirtballer in the world. But Nadal ruthlessly yanked that title away from the 23-year-old Argentine. Coria had the game but emotionally could not respond to the Spaniard’s challenge. He developed the service yips and soon tumbled out of the sport. Coria and Nadal played each other only five times, the last four won by Nadal.


  • Rafael Nadal attends China Open player party in Beijing


Photo: Osports
Photo: Osports


  1. Deep Thinker,
    This idea to take up a new coach now is coming rather late in the day! lol
    Rafa should have done this 2 or 3 years ago, not when he’d soon clock 30 years.
    Besides, the learning curve under a new coach will take another 1- 2 yrs; by that time,Djokovic would probably have equalled Rafa’s 14 GS record.
    Rafa should continue to stick to Uncle Toni for better or for worse…….Life is (afterall) more than Tennis.

    • I think u r right it takes time with new coach if gonna happen should have been done years ago when Andy Murray hired Lendl

  2. Want to come to Indian Wells. Have been a loyal fan for too many years to count. My dream would be to sit in your box and meet your wonderful family.

    Am pushing 70 years old want to see you play in person ONE DAY before God takes me home. I doubt you even read these texts but maybe someone does.

    It would be a surprise indeed to receive a text inviting mr to see you practice or even sign a hat,etc.

    My honor and respect for you in beyond words. Good luck in the new season. I watch ever game as much as possibe.

    Your loyal devoted fan from Arkansas U.S.A,

  3. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) GREAT MATCH!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Congratulations!!!!!! ….. it was great……you got warmed up & it was over…… This was a good real match setting & got your juices going……VAMOS for the 4 timely beautiful ACES…..nice & sharp!!!!! Your great movement & shots are all there……….Enjoy your victory & VAMOS moving forward!!!!!! Have fun & enjoy your great game & your next match: ) : ) : ) !!!!

  4. Rafa is growing in confidence and his game is returning steadily. 2016 will see Rafa at his top level again. I am sure Rafa and his team will make the best decision for Rafa. Looking forward to watching your first match in Beijing.. (recorded version unfortunately) as the time difference in the UK makes it early viewing and with work thrown into the mix too! Vamos Rafa!

  5. We all hope that you will do the right decisions for the 2016 season! Always with you. Vamos Rafa!!!

  6. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!! : ) : ) Just watched all the lovely videos that were posted today……all very nice…..I was moved by the respect & honor the Chinese Tennis association has granted you and the China Open!!!! Pretty special tour!!!!! : ) Have a fabulous time and enjoy your solid beautiful Tennis & your great, loyal team !!!! You have a beautiful way dear Rafa of moving forward in EVERYTHING you engage with, and I am 100% confident you will continue to do so with your powerful & effective team!!!!! : ) The men on your team are very skillful, loyal, and intelligent! They are kind and practical group of loyal people, & are experienced touring….. they are gold!!!!! Please continue to enjoy your success with them!!!!! I can not think of one single coach who is good enough for you, or that has uncle Toni wide & rich forthright & wise lengthy years in the field. Many people are big talkers…..TALK is not what you & your team are all about…..you are a magnificent action oriented champion!!!! ACTION….HARD WORK….is your way …… & God bless you for all the extraordinary top notch achievements you have earned together over the years – you & your team!!!! ENJOY IT ALL!!!! : ) Those big talkers can not match your path. You are relevant, you are progressing & you are doing exactly what you need to do. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!! : ) : )
    Please know I have zero respect for the opportunistic out there trying to tag themselves to your solid career. They have nothing to offer you since you are very special in your work ethic, your tennis know how & your blessed success. Your team has kept up w the changes in Tennis style & so did you. God bless you sweetheart!!!! Please keep up the great work w your team and pay zero attention to their meaningless talk. Here on this site, occasionally we read comments about “new team/coach”…I am sure these useless comments are written by fans of other top players who are less blessed than you are….Such meaningless comments have rather negative & unkind take and so most of your genuine fans know better than to pay attention to the bottomless and groundless talk.
    On another practical topic: Sleeping well, an extra hour or two the night before each match is KEY……it balances the energy, the mind, & the brain & body connection…..being alert & refreshed is KEY to overcoming any challenges & tough moments during the match. You have everything you need dear Rafa , and I am sure you know all this….but just wanted to mention it here !!!! VAMOS & have fun playing!!!!! : ) : )

    • Are you insane? why do you need to repeat all these nonsense on any news from Rafa? Do you think he ever reads them? you definitely have some mental problem.

  7. Yes yes yes pleeeease do it now Rafa…at last at least he’s listening …desperately needs new direction

  8. Why wait until 2016 for an advice? Wouldn’t it be better to start listening now to someone the whole team trusts and star 2016 with a new and fresh approach?

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