Qatar Open (Doha) 2015: Rafael Nadal beaten in first round [PHOTOS]

Defending champion Rafael Nadal is out of Doha after losing 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 to world number 127 Michael Berrer of Germany. Our champ  fought until the end and earned two chances to break back when Berrer served for the match, but the German held his nerve superbly to come through after just under two hours.

Rafael Nadal: “This is the sport, this is the life. I wanted to get two or three matches and then anything can happen. I didn’t. Now I will play doubles here and then practise hard for Australia. It is not perfect.”

Michael Berrer: “Let’s be honest, it was Rafa’s first match for a long time. Losing the first set 1-6, it was the same as the other times I’ve played him. Going for it was the only chance I had.” (via BBC)


  1. I must agree with Mitch, Rafa does need a new coach with new inputs and strategies. Time to change and hit the pinnacle again! Always with Rafa no matter what!

  2. I don’t know what to think of this attitude of ‘I am not playing well, let’s skip Aussie Open’. I am wondering now about all those other majors he’s been missing. Was he just sure he would lose early? I am referring to the fact that Nadal has announced he might not play Aussie Open, which, trust me on this, is a buildup to the final announcement that he will not play, which will definitely follow. How the hell will we get to 17/18 majors this way?

  3. Rafa need not worry of just a couple of initial losses in his comeback. He is a great champion and any loss in this magnitude should not cause concern to him or his fans. I am for one a great believer in Rafa and his abilities. I have great hopes that he will win all the grand slams this year and then call it off for some more time, marry Maria and set up a family. He is a family oriented person and his future will be unimaginable. Like some of his senior colleagues who have been successful in setting up families.

  4. I always stand behind my champion, Rafa! I am a firm believer in the saying, “Slow and
    steady wins the race!” Give Rafa a break, he’s just out of the gate after appendix surgery
    a month ago. It takes some time to get your head back in the game and re-build your self-confidence. Be patient, you’ll see. Last week was just an exhibition!

    Besides, remember when the New England Patriots won every game in the season but lost
    the Super-Bowl that year. That loss ruined their perfect season. Again, slow and steady
    always wins the race! Vamos Rafa!

  5. Same old same old for Rafa. Play offensively, play aggressively, play well, get up a set, then – take the foot off the gas pedal, play defensively, play cautiously, and the wheels come off. Time for a new coach Rafa. It worked for Federer & Djokovic & Murray & Wawrinka & Cilic & Nishikori. It could work for you too. VAMOS!!!

  6. Pas grave , Rafa ; je sais que tu vas encore travailler dur pour l’OA ; et là , pour te battre , il faut gagner trois sets et , c’est là que tu es le meilleur ! Vamos Rafa , Vamos champion !!!!!

  7. Very disappointed! The first set was great..the rest of the match not;( keep fighting and be ready for the AO. Vamos<3

  8. In all fairness: in the last 15 months, since US Open 13, Nadal has played OK for two weeks, at the French Open. Everything else was mediocre for his standards. Bring back the real Rafa!

  9. je ne suis pas inquiet RAFA va retrouver c est repère la saison commence et elle est longue VAMOS

  10. Rafa is playing great and I’m sure he will improve but Berrer has something on his resume and will be beaten by the next player for sure the Rafa curse who beat him get beaten in their next game ! Keep practicing Rafa ! Good luck !

  11. Rafa: I am sure that you gave it your all. You are working hard to get your confidence back and timing. Good Luck Always a fan

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