WATCH: Rafael Nadal Banana Shot vs. Michael Berrer — Qatar Open (Doha) 2015

Hot Shot:



  1. I bet Rafa now wishes he had his appendix removed when the problem was first diagnosed, instead of waiting 2 weeks so that he could play in Basel and pick up a one million-dollar appearance fee. Very bad decision by Team Rafa, and I said so at the time they made it. Not having those 2 extra weeks of preparation time may very well cost him the title in Melbourne.

    It was a penny wise, pound foolish decision to chase the money in Basel, because completing the career slam double by winning the Aussie Open would be worth so much more than that financially, psychologically, and historically. Just one more reason why I keep insisting that Rafa needs a new coach, and perhaps a new manager as well.


    • When you don’t know the real reason why he decided to do what he did last year, it’s not fair to judge him and his team. With that being said, I didn’t disagree with you that he should have had his appendix removed right away. But we all should bear in mind that alternative (antibiotics) treatment has helped other patients who don’t want to go thru’ an operation/appendectomy. It’s easy for us to say what should have been done but we have the advantage of hindsight. Anyway, what’s done is done.

      Also, I’d love to see him get a new coach or at least a part-time coach besides Roig, but we all know it’s unlikely to happen. Let’s just hope he’ll get his rhythm, match fitness and regain his form and confidence in time for AO.

  2. Rafa said after the match that he might not play Australian Open. Because he is not playing well. Incredible, he needs to see a psychologist to get some mental strength back!

    • I saw that comment by Rafa. Wasn’t quite sure what he meant by that. But it did raise a few eyebrows. I’m hoping that he just misspoke. We shall see. VAMOS!!!

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