Rafa Roundup: Will Rafael Nadal Play In An Exhibition Match In Kazakhstan?

Photo: © Ivan Abanades Medina/Cordon Press/Corbis
Photo: © Ivan Abanades Medina/Cordon Press/Corbis


The game needs Rafael Nadal is one tempting conclusion to arrive at in the wake of this tournament. It seems that the absence of the defending champion didn’t motivate any of the usual suspects to leap through the window of opportunity. It seemed to make them go weak-kneed at the magnitude of the chance. The players who suffered most by failing to capitalize on Rafa’s absence were, first and foremost, Federer, followed closely by top-seeded Djokovic and No. 3 seed Wawrinka, who had a chance to add another major to his resume at the only other Slam played on the hard courts that are so friendly to his game.

According to the Kazakhstan Tennis Federer, Rafael Nadal will play Jo-Wilfried Tsonga two Thursdays from tomorrow in an exhibition match on September 25 in Astana.

It is not merely Nadal’s strength or passion that beats Federer any more than it is Federer’s flair or ballerina-like movement around the court that beats Nadal. Quite simply, over time, the greater tennis player will win more often than everyone else. For the current tennis generation, that player is undoubtedly Rafael Nadal.

On his feelings after his 2008 loss to Nadal at Wimbledon: Federer recalls that, in the immediate aftermath of the match, “it was sort of tragic” and that he returned to his hotel to eat pizza, despondent. But when he headed to America for his next tournament, everyone wanted to talk about his battle with Nadal. He soon began to understand that millions of people had watched the final and thought “it was amazing.”

Rafa has no problem showing off his guns in sleeveless Nike shirts, but he’s actually shined the brightest for the cameras while scantily clad in Armani.

El tenista Rafael Nadal ha querido enviar palabras de ánimo, a través de su cuenta oficial en la red social Twitter, a sus “compañeros de la selección de baloncesto” tras perder anoche ante Francia, y se mostró seguro de que seguirán “dando muchas alegrías”. “Mucho ánimo a la selección de baloncesto. No se olviden de que esto es deporte y no siempre sale como uno quiere”, consideró.

VIDEO: Rafa’s Chocolate Trophy – The Social Show: US Open Edition (via Australian Open)


  1. The Guardian is absolutely correct: “Quite simply, over time, the greater tennis player will win more often than everyone else. For the current tennis generation, that player is undoubtedly Rafael Nadal.” Rafa’s 61-34 head-to-head record against Federer, Djokovic & Murray, including an ASTONISHING 24-7 advantage in the slams – clearly proves that he is the best player of his era, regardless of who has the most slam trophies. Last time I checked, the Australian Open’s main arena is named after Rod Laver(11 slam trophies), NOT Roy Emerson(12 slam trophies). That’s because Laver dominated their head-to-head matches, and won his slam trophies against far superior competition than Emerson did. The EXACT SAME LOGIC applies to the Rafa-Federer GOAT debate. VAMOS!!!

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