VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Visits Telefónica Office In Madrid

Tuesday, June 17 was a special day for many employees at the Telefónica office in Madrid. Rafael Nadal, winner of 14 Grand Slams and Telefónica brand ambassador, came to visit for the afternoon. View the highlights of the day in the video.

Video: Vive Telefónica


  1. Bienvenue à Wimbledon Rafa ! On ne peut pas tout avoir , mais j’aimerais beaucoup que tu soulèves une troisième fois ce trophée ! Si ce n’est pas le cas, je resterai fan malgré tout car tu es un immense champion et on t’aime
    Vamosss !!!!!!

  2. Love Rafa’s smiles and laughter, he is so handsome! Vamos Rafa for Wimbledon!!!

  3. This video is a lovely start to my Sunday morning. How this man oozes class, charm and has such a presence. I have a good feeling about Wimbledon. Vamos Rafaaaaaa

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