Rafa Roundup: Will Nadal’s struggles on grass continue?

 Billie Weiss/AELTC
Billie Weiss/AELTC


“In the end, everybody remembers the winner. Everybody remembers the victories, and nobody remembers the losses. Obviously winning Roland Garros is a lot of confidence for me and give me the possibility to play here with less pressure. [It] is true that I didn’t play as much as I would like to play on grass for the last couple of years. I am not going to start from zero because I already played a lot in this surface in my career, but [it] is like a restart.”

“Estoy haciendo las cosas mejor que en los dos últimos años [en 2012 cedió en segunda ronda]. Me estoy moviendo con más libertad. La rodilla [izquierda] no me asusta. La espalda de momento no me está limitando… Miedo a lo que pueda pasar siempre hay, pero en lo que pienso es en cómo jugar bien en Wimbledon y eso pasa por sacar y arriesgar un poco, y si pasa [algo], habrá pasado”.

Rafael Nadal hasn’t made it past the second round the last two years. Will his struggles on grass continue? … Wertheim: “It’s strange because we’re talking about a guy who has reached FIVE Wimbledon finals, and won two titles. Were it not for his play the last two years, we’d be talking about him as a remarkably skilled grass-court player. Nadal, of course, needs to win only his first two matches to eclipse his last two dismal performances at the All England Club. It’s hard to imagine he won’t accomplish at least that much.”

“The early rounds are key for most of the top guys. We’re talking about the first two rounds in particular. “I didn’t expect him to lose last year first round, let’s be honest. So these losses, they happen. “I didn’t check his draw, but if he gets through that, I would think we’ll see more of what we’ve seen in the past, is my opinion.”

Rafael Nadal may have won his customary French Open title and Novak Djokovic may be the top seed but Andy Murray looks a great price at 4-1 to win his second consecutive Wimbledon title.

El ex futbolista internacional Miguel Ángel Nadal (28 de julio de 1966, Manacor, Mallorca), tío del tenista Rafa Nadal, actual número uno de la clasificación de la ATP, desempeñará el cargo de director deportivo del Mallorca, según ha acordado el consejo de administración del club balear.

Photo via @b1pr Twitter
Photo via @b1pr Twitter

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  1. at last another fan, sick of the neg comment s about Rafa , give the guy a break, , what you have seen with your own eye,s, you will know, he is a top player and winner I am fed up with all this rubbish you all keep on spouting LEAVE HIM ALONE.

  2. Stop ‘the infuriating repetition’ about Rafa’s chances of getting past the second round,
    must you keep reminding him and all his fans for goodness sake, Rafa just won his nineth title at ROLAND GARROS, now the man has 14 grandslams, focus on something more positive about his ‘outstanding and incredible achievements’ this happens every time Wimbledon comes around, a tournament he has been in the finals of at least four or five times and has won twice…….how about building him up, instead of pulling him down..its really just a CONFIDENCE THING…..so go Rafa you can do it……so you can get the media of your back……your biggest fan..

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