Rafa Roundup: Djokovic and Federer return, Rafa goes for trophy No.8 in Rome


5. Olympic games were played in Greece, Italy, China, Canada, Great Britain and Russia. (Read the rest of the list, it’s amazing!)

“All of those symptoms are symptoms that I am mentally more stable and more confident that things are going to go well. This is great news in order to go out and play tomorrow’s match, but also for what may come in the future.”

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal is looking to win the Rome title for the eighth time next week in Rome. The Spaniard, who could win his 27th Masters 1000 title this weekend in Madrid, is the defending champion, having lifted the trophy in 2005-’07, 2009-’10 and 2012-’13.

Of course, Nadal also traffics in taking time away, albeit in a different way — mostly by ratcheting up rallies slowly but surely, until he has his opponent doing wind sprints on the baseline. He can just out-athletes most of his rivals, and today was a good example of how explosiveness and muscle and trump quick reflexes and precision.

“Siempre hay situaciones, altos y bajos en tu carrera”, indicó el español, molesto por la rapidez con la que la gente dice que está “acabado” cuando se suceden algunos malos resultados.




REMINDER: Rafael Nadal vs. Kei Nishikori Mutua Madrid Open final!



    • It is worth remembering that RAFA does not focus on the number of times he could win any particular tournament, as we are so often eluded too, his nineth FRENCH OPEN OR HIS NINETH AT MONTE CARLO OR HIS FOURTH OR FIFTH AT MADRID AND SO ON…..ONLY THE MEDIA OR THE PUNDITS DO THAT FOR HIM NOT RAFA HIMSELF……HIS FOCUS IS TO GO OUT THERE AND PLAY HIS BEST GAME POSSIBLE FEELING COMFORTABLE FIT AND HAPPY THAT IS IT….

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