Rafael Nadal watches Atletico Madrid beat Arsenal in Europa League

After his first practice session in Madrid earlier today, Rafael Nadal and some members of his team decided to spend the free night by watching a football match. They took in Atletico Madrid’s Europa League semi-final clash against Arsenal.

After a 1-1 draw in the first leg at the Emirates a week ago, it was a Diego Costa goal late in the first half that sent the Spanish team through with a 1-0 victory.

Our champ made an appearance for the game despite being an avid supporter of Real Madrid. Here are a few photos.



  1. The MMO has been drawn. Rafa please report any irregularities. Tired of hearing about “fixed” draws. Make sure you get an easy draw🤗


  2. Today’s interesting clay stats on three of the next-gen players coming into the MMO:

    Tsitsipas: reached the semi-finals at Estoril having beat Carballés Baena [remember him?] in two tiebreakers in the QF. 6[2]-7[7], 6-2, 7[7]-6[3].
    He beat top seed K. Anderson in the R of 16 yesterday 7[7]-6[3], 6-3, 6-3. Will he have any energy left for Madrid?

    A. Zverev: reached the semi-finals at Munich after beating Struff 6-2, 6-3.

    H. Chung: at Munich also, reached the semi-final’s after toppling M. Klizan 6-3, 6-4.



    David Ferrer and his wife Marta are celebrating the birth of their precious baby boy Leo. What a great name. David has diaper detail so he will be skipping this MMO.

    Today Rafa is out practicing with Dominic. Off-court buddies.

  4. I would like to know what Rafa’s publicist [a/k/a public relations specialist], Benito Barbadillo was thinking on this one.

    Rafa is known as a staunch Real Madrid fan yet he attended Atletico’s semi-final match. So what. Rafa is a football fan and I don’t find it surprising Rafa attended.

    Yet, last night I couldn’t understand why Twitter was awash with so many acrimonious tweets targeting Rafa; one going so far as calling him a “snake”. Well…Real Madrid fans seemed to be livid because Rafa was SITTING in the director’s box and WEARING an Atletico scarf wrapped around his neck like a cravat, not shown in this RNF post.

    Real Madrid fans failed to remember that Rafa was probably supporting a “Spanish” team, it could have been any Spanish team. My guess is where Rafa was seated and the sight of Atletico’s scarf around his neck sent Real Madrid fans over the edge.

    And I hope they don’t carry their acrimony to La Caja Mágica next week.


    • I read that Rafa had not attended a live football match this year. Rafa loves the sport and I agree that he was just supporting Spanish teams. How silly of the Real fans.

      • Couldn’t agree more. I don’t think he attended any in 2017 either. We know how passionate Rafa is about football so he probably had a great time cheering for a winning Spain.

        I had never seen such vitriole lanced at Rafa. So I had to go digging for info because tweets don’t explain anything, if you are not familiar with the medium. I wonder if Rafa will make a statement to Real Madrid fans. I hope they come to their senses without Rafa’s intervention.

        At times, there is no reasoning with fans because all they can see is the “enemy” and from what I have read Atletico and Real Madrid are enemies. It’s the same thing here re Fed and Djokovic; I think Andy would be on the enemy list too had he denied Rafa Slam-titles. My opinion.


  5. Good luck in Madrid and hope you continue your winning streak and win another
    🏆! Vamos 💪💪💪🍀🎾🍀🎾🍀🎾

  6. Rafa how lovely to see you out enjoying yourself,at the soccer,with your team.

    Love and prayers for your games in Madrid,


  7. Rafa is just so gorgeous. What is special is how nice he is too. I never predict victories since I don’t want to be overconfident, but I hope Rafa plays well in Madrid.

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