Rafa Roundup: Joy for Nadal in Madrid


“I’m really thankful to everyone who made the effort to be here to support us,” said Nadal. “Hopefully everyone had a good time at this event, which in the end raised some money for [our] foundations – money that will help us to continue our work with children in need.”

“Estoy muy agradecido a todos los compañeros que han podido venir para apoyarnos en un día así. Esperamos que la gente se haya divertido. Hemos conseguido recaudar dinero para la Fundación de Iker y para la mía para ayudar a que muchos niños tengan una oportunidad”.

En el acto a beneficio el tenista español les deseó suerte a ambos porteros pero no ocultó su sentimiento por el Real Madrid. “Les he deseado la mejor de las suerte a los dos (Courtois y Casillas), pero yo soy del Madrid y quiero La Décima”, comentó el número uno del mundo.

It runs a bit counter-intuitive. One would think that a player who is fresh off a defeat of one of the world’s best would be in tip-top form and ready to take on all comers. In other words, that player would be running hot. Turns out it’s not the case…

Nadal will be making his third main draw appearance in Halle, and reached the quarter-finals on his last visit in 2012. “I urgently want to have a successful start to the grass court season…”

Should defending champion Nadal lose before the quarter-finals and Djokovic win the title, the Serb would regain the top spot for the first time since 6 October 2013. 

This may end up being Rafael Nadal’s most trying year at the French Open. But he still will be the favorite there, and winning three out of five sets against him on clay still will be the toughest task in all of tennis. Nadal never underestimates any of his opponents, and his opponents for the rest of the clay season will regret it if they underestimate Nadal.

Think of Rafa when he finds himself out of position on the court, or in an extremely difficult stage of a match. He is able, over and over again, to draw on incredibly well-tuned attitudes, mental abilities, and of course also the physical skills that allow him to succeed.

El español Rafa Nadal, número uno del mundo y primer cabeza de serie, comenzará la defensa del título en el torneo de madrid, cuarto Masters 1.000 del año y que comienza este sábado, frente al ganador del duelo entre el austríaco Jurgen Melzer y el argentino Juan Mónaco, según el sorteo llevado a cabo en la Caja Mágica. 

The view here is that Nadal will play his way out of this crisis, find that inner spark once more, and rediscover who he fundamentally is, where he is going and what he really wants. Know this about Rafael Nadal: he is not going to turn 28 until June 3, and the feeling grows that this supreme individualist will sort everything out, move past his recent disappointments, look down deep into his soul, and figure out precisely what it will take to deal with his current dilemma.





  1. Looking so gorgeous as always Rafa, especially as your hair is getting longer again! Good luck in Madrid!

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