PHOTOS: David Ferrer defeats Rafael Nadal in Monte Carlo quarterfinals

After celebrating his 300th victory on clay (and his 50th at the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters) over Andreas Seppi yesterday, Rafael Nadal fell to countryman David Ferrer 7-6(1), 6-4. This is the first time Rafa has not made the final at Monte Carlo since 2003, where he lost in R3. Rafa put up a valiant effort and fought all the way to the end.

Win or lose, Rafa is a champion. Rafa holds the all-time record for most Masters 1000 titles won (26). His next tournament is Barcelona. Vamos, champ!


  1. I hate to say it but I do agree with Mitch. Rafa needs new inputs to improve his games. With all respect, Rafa and team need to come out with strategies to help Rafa. Wish you all the best Rafa and yes, not too much medicines especially pain killer if there is. Love you Rafa.

  2. Sin duda eres Grande, necesariamente no debes dar sino la importancia de haber luchado y competido si no salio lo bien que esperabas ello en modo alguno significa que no sigas siendo de los buenos ¡¡Él Mejor!! Tengo claro el gran deportista que eres, independiente de cualquier publicación que sin razón no se ajuste a el perfil de nuestro atleta de la raqueta. Desde Canarias no dejaremos de apostar fuertemente por ti ¡¡C a m p e ó n!! Abrazos de C. Javier

  3. Wow, what a drag!! I was hoping for Rafa to win, but it’s ok, I would rather Rafa lose to David Ferrer, because I know David is a tiger on the court, very tenacious and he deserved to win, good for you David, just concentrate on your next match Rafa, I still love you, Worlds No. 1!! Vamos!!

  4. Was it Leif who said he didn’t come for practice today, which tells me, he wanted an early exit, I noticed he didn’t challenge the calls like he normally does, and just handed the game to David, for whatever reason, …..its all very disappointing as he’s our Panther of Tennis, and he’s not 30 yet so the Panther can keep on fighting for a few years yet…..we need you in Tennis, Rafa, you’re the Star…without you its all mundane….you have something that makes us care and get involved with your game, the Battles with Novak, your emotions on court, your incredible Stamina, and Speed,…please for your dedicated Fans, ‘grab the Bull by the Horns’ and keep on fighting, fight, fight, fight!!!, and keep away from those Stomach Viruses, Hot Plates, whatever else obstructs your play,, and not too many Medicines either, that confuses your System…..keep Healthy!!!!!!

  5. I hate to sound like a broken record, but Rafa needs to hear from a new voice. Uncle Toni & Francisco Roig are simply not enough anymore. Conditions change, technology changes, opponents change. Rafa must change too.

    Please Rafa, give Mats Wilander a call, not to replace your current coaching staff, but to complement them. It’s certainly worth a try. He won 7 grand slam trophies – 3 on clay, 2 on hard, 2 on grass – and had a style of play very similar to yours. I’m sure that he would be thrilled at the opportunity to coach you.

  6. We dont care about what the press will say – I wont even read the revews…so there!!! Rafa is my champion and always will be, no matter what! VAAAMOOOSSS RAAAFAAA … !!!!!!!!!

  7. David Ferrer’s form against Grigor indicated his best form for a long time. Sport is about ups and downs and to da was his day. As ever Rafael fought to the last, We will still be there to support the King of Clay

  8. Nobody wins everything. That is the sport. Rafa has an unbeatable record at Monte Carlo.
    Let’s face it people. David Ferrer is a great clay court player. He had not beat Rafa in 10 years. It was bound to happen some day. At least it was not some fluke like Darcis or Rosol.

  9. Things aren’t looking good for Rafa. I am waiting for more glimpses of 2013 form. Haven’t seen him play at his very best since US Open 2013 final, in all fairness.

  10. It was not meant to be today…but David played just well enough to win & Rafa had too many errors …hopefully he will bounce back soon…Vamos Rafa!

  11. He played a poor match with too many mistakes. I’m very sorry for him and for us because he don’t have another day in MC!!! I hope to see him in a better shape in Barcelona!! All I wish him for this year is to win RG9!!! We have such great memories!!! Vamos!!!

  12. Hey I am sorry to see Rafa lose he is my favorite player. but hey one cant win them all. for Rafa go get rest get ready for next Tournament, will allways love Rafa.

  13. I can hardly write I am so devastated, Rafa did not play at his best level. Congratulations to David whom I also like because of his tenacity. This does not bode well for Rafa and the French Open. I think he has not fully got over losing the Australian final to Stan,

  14. Too bad the press will make a huge deal out of it. And also Novak will come much closer, mainly if he wins the Title.
    However Rafa has indeed fought hard. And it is great to see he has been playing healthy, no pains. Ferrer has played really well, he is also a clay expert.
    Vamos Rafa, you are our unconditional love 🙂

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