Rafael Nadal: “Losing hurts everywhere. On clay always a little bit more.”

REUTERS Eric Gaillard
REUTERS Eric Gaillard

Dear Rafa, messages from your fans are coming in & they all say the same: Our love & dedication to you is unconditional and eternal. Win or lose, you have the strength of millions of us who care more for your health and happiness than a match. Much love Rafa!

“Losing hurts everywhere. On clay always a little bit more,” said Rafa. “I am not happy today about what I did. Not very happy about the way that I played the second set after losing the first. I didn’t play with the right intensity at the beginning of the second. I give him big opportunity at the beginning of the second. I cannot do that.”

“When you play tennis, you can lose, you can win. When the opponent is doing things better than you, the normal thing is you lose. That’s what happened today,” said Rafa. “I didn’t play the right way. I didn’t play with the right intensity with my forehand. I played too short. I give him the chance to have control of the point almost all the time. He did much better than me, so I just congratulate him.”

Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Rafa, you will always be Number One!!! There has never been a player like you on & off the court and there will never be a player like you!!! We wish you the best of health & the best of luck always!!! We will always be your number one fans!!! We love you Rafa!!!
    VAMOS RAFA!!! xx 🙂

  2. Courage Rafa ! Nous sommes tous derrière toi que tu gagnes ou que tu perdes . Tu es un très grand champion

  3. In my opinion, Nadal, for reasons unknown, hides his physical problems. Sure, he is 100% not fit & he is forced to play out of compulsion of sponsor contracts. You can outwit the society but The Almighty Nature, if it decides otherwise thro’ Her created organs in human body,can arrest your reflexes if it is overworked beyond what it is allowed. The time has come for Nadal to take rest by skipping at least Barcelona & Madrid this year to rejuvinate afresh.

    • I entirely agree with you. Rafa is not well and I am almost sure that he is still suffering of his back injury.

  4. Rafal you are the best clay player in the game of tennis of all time . History in the making !

  5. we take his year after year wins on clay for granted. He is human after all. Maybe a bit mentally fatigued.
    Win or lose, always Love RAFA

  6. Rafa is not hurted but after the AO he lost the confidence (temporary) which happens to the anyone even the greatest ones like him. When the mind is not working well the legs either but I’m sure that his mind and game will be back soon, it all depends of him
    VAMOS Rafa!!! you has been through worse times and later you have played better than ever . I WANT see you WINNING another RG and WIMBLEDON!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rafa you’ll always be your true fans number one keep smiling good luck for the next tournament x

  8. I tried to warn everyone and anyone who would listen! Instead people were more concerned about the dress that Nadal wo
    ill wear in the FO. Nadal is losing it….he has not been concentratibg, too many poker matches. He needs to chane his coach fast!!

  9. you are human as we all are there are times that you wont play your best. but you have won a lot, so your entitled to say what you want, the person that’s says she is a fan don’t need to talk that way, us real fans know how gracious you are we all know that your not going to sit and make all kinds of excuses why you lost for the most part you will give them the credit for their win, wish you better luck and better Health your next tournament.

  10. Courage Rafael. This is a difficult time but that will change at the right time for you. Stay calm and work hard but also takes care of you. Health first. VAMOS

  11. I am a fan but I am
    becoming a little tired of these excuses. “I did not play well, my opponent played better, that’s why I lost, bla, bla, bla.” Why you did not play well? Why you are loosing one match in three lately? Are you hurt? If you are, why you do not say so?

    • They are not “excuses”. Excuses are made to justify your loss, whereas Rafa always acknowledges his shortcomings and gives his opponents full credit. If it were so simple to play well ALL the time, everyone would be doing it.

  12. You are Always so gracious in victory and defeat. It was sad to see you lose the match today. Please stay healthy and come back stronger. You will always be my champion. All the very best for the rest of the season. Your loyal fan always. Vamos Rafa xxx

  13. He’s been playing “too short” lately; I wonder why. It’s not working for him….
    Well, I love him and he can’t always win.

  14. It’s really hurt, but we still with you Rafa no matter what happened.
    We will support you in any cases,
    We’re proud of you .
    Love you Rafa. <3

  15. Siiiii, Rafa!!! nos importa mas tu como persona!! ya vas a ganar otra vez bien pronto!!!

  16. Rafa> nuestro cariño, amor , admiración por tí, es incondicional : ganes o pierdas para mí : mi Rafa es y seguirá siendo mi Rafa ; solamente quisiera ser parte de tu familia, de los cercanos a tí para poder animarte, reconfortarte en los malos momentos. Sé que no leerás este mensaje pero al menos me desahogo . Sigue como es la constant en tu vida : ADELANTE CAMPEÓN DE CAMPEONES. Nina Miolán, REPÚBLICA DOMINICANA

  17. Just so humbling u r and that y ur always b our number one. Win or lose. Nothing but love for rafa nadal ♥ x

  18. On to the next challenge, Vamos Rafa! Congratulations to David. Two great players but only one can win. We love you Rafa!!!!!

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