Sergio Ramos, Jorge Lorenzo and other stars show their support to Rafa Nadal

It’s been a tough day for us. Our emotions have gone from optimism, to concern, to worry, to sadness. But it’s just another bad day, as Rafa said. There will be good days ahead, many of them, and hopefully very few bad ones. Whatever happens, our love for Rafa will always be a constant.

Today, instead of our usual Rafa Roundup, we’ve decided to do something a little more positive. We’ve all either seen the match, or read or heard about it, and we certainly don’t need read any more analysis of it. We’re simply going to present to you the outpouring of well wishes that came in for Rafa after the final.

In case we’ve missed any names, do let us know in the comments below, and we will update our post. For now, let’s just celebrate this wonderful man that we love, and be happy that we have him in our lives. Vamos!

Rafa Nadal Australian Opeen 2014  (16)

Rafa Nadal Australian Opeen 2014  (2)

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Mark Weber Rafa Nadal Australian Open 2014  (18)

Rafa Nadal Australian Open 2014  (18)


  1. it was really difficult to see Rafa injured and still tried to play. he was hurting but because he was committed to the sports and the fans, he continued on. we know he is always a fighter, whether he is winning or losing. and he is properly motivated to win despite all odds but his condition must hampered him so much that he was unable to do his best. while we acknowledge that Stan was playing great, Rafa could still give him a good fight and win if he was 100% fit. so sorry, I cried for Rafa and felt how it must have affected him. but God bless his humble heart and hope to see him healthy again for his next matches. Rafa, we will always cherish you as our champion, no one is like you in your humility and courage. remember, we will always be behind you in win and in defeat. may you get better and hope to see you healthy in your next matches. win Rafa!d

  2. Rafa, never forget that your wins is ours and your loses are our too. We love you so much in good in bad times. I cried with you too but I also jumped of joy when you won.

  3. ¡Admiramos profundamente tu valentía de continuar por el camino hacia tus sueños!!Animoooo CAMPIIIIIIII-))

  4. Stan deserved to win……based on the situation and the performance but obviously if Rafa was fit and at his 100% best, the match would’ve taken a new turn…….. Rafa doesn’t break down at the middle of the match if he is not in “REAL” pain (which some people are saying) ……..And he played through that pain even after that and raised his game and even won the 3rd set…….. It’s easy for us to sit back and shout “c’mon c’mon u can do it”…….. but he only knew what pain he was going through and on top of that Stan was playing some remarkable tennis………. Australian crowds should be ashamed of themselves for booing him and then supporting him later only TO SEE A “REAL” MATCH WITHOUT EVEN CARING ABOUT RAFA’S HEALTH……….. They are not real nadalistas……… But Rafa said that Stan deserved to win and that the day should belong 2 Stan for his 1st slam win and Stan was very generous too, which shows their good friendship and humanity! Rafa has always been and will always be a champion and he simply showed that yesterday……….. Lastly, one defeat doesn’t matter…………… just a bad day, tough one……… He needs to get back in shape right now and be healthy and ENJOY tennis for the rest of the season……… That’s all……. His health is all that matters!

  5. Rafa, words cannot express how bad i felt yesterday for you. you have played brilliantly all through the 2 weeks and it was unfortunate for it to end that way. you displayed the qualities of a champion both on and off court and all of us love you for it, it is a quality that is very special to have. I wish you the very best of a recovery and the very best for the rest of 2014. i look forward to you dominating the clay courts once again and once again the very best wishes for the future.

  6. Rafaaaa, it’s not about the winning thing the most important, but it’s about how fast you can stand up again. You can do it. You can learn better from experience. Get well soon and stay healthy

  7. The Australian Open seems to have a thing for those aiming to achieve their 14th slam. Whatever it is Rafa, you may not win that trophy but you certainly won the hearts of your fans and i am sure many new ones from the great attitude you displayed. More concerned about the crowd getting their money’s worth than the pain you had to endure to complete the match. You are the best example of a great athlete. I dread the day when you finally hang that racket so i cherish every moment i get to see you play tennis, in glory or in defeat coz one thing we know for sure, you always give your best. Chin up dear Rafa, you will be back stronger. Just stay healthy, and remain humble. A great role model. Rest well and take care Rafael.

  8. Is this is kind of deja vu? In 2009 roger was also in similar situation…with stuck on 13 gs n lost in painful final in wich he also cried….n then he won back to back rg n wimby….so might be this is sign for rafa….vamos

  9. Vamos rafa….You did incrediablr thing…..even to reach finals is not less…..its positive thing for you…..Take rest and come back ….I wanna see my origional rafa….

  10. our humble warrior king will be back very soon. I have a feeling that he will hit the practice courts later this week. there is a clay season to dominate. there will be hell to pay on clay for all of them. we will take roland garros and everything else that we come across. no mercy now.

  11. Last nights match was one of the saddest moments for me personally – to see Rafa’s pain not only physically but emotionally brought me to tears and knowing he did not want to give in for the sake of Stan, the fans and the spectators just made me feel for him even more. The mark of a true champion is not only winning matches but more the person you are and Rafa – you are a remarkable young man both on and off the court. Yes – in this instance Stan definitely deserved the win and I congratulate him on playing the way he did – it was simply awesome. Rafa – as you well know – this is yet again a small setback in your amazing career & I know you will deal with it in the only way you know how …, with integrity & determination. You will always be a champion in my books with a capital ‘C’ .:)

    • I can’t agree more with Liz Bilson!
      Rafa will return,he has already shown that after 7 months of knee injury he came back to become the World’s #1 !!
      And watch out everyone when the a Clay season starts! Rafa you have given us the most wonderful example of a brilliant Champion a humble and lovely young man!
      Thank you,you are so very loved.

  12. I somehow wanted to say to Rafa that I wished I could share his pain, and just give a big hug and tell him well done cos he deserves that from everyone and I know as an anonymous fan I feel like I know him and therefore feel close to him but of course I’m not and he does not know me but I just wish I could help in some way, but then again he doesnt even seem to need help having the perfect attitude of ‘its just a tough day’ Rafa you’re amazing and inspiring and I wish I had the privilege to know you in person but all I can do is get to know you through the media I wish you all the best for your recovery and upcoming matches I just can’t express enough how sad I feel for you and how much in awe I am of you

  13. Rafa so gracious and humble what a true Gentlemen and he did not quit cause he said the people came to watch Tennis and they paid good money for those tickets, I love you Rafa you are a True champ and your my bestis player, get well soon and I am waiting on your next Tournament., God Bless you Rafa!

  14. You are a champion Rafa! Get well soon and hit it right back at them! We are always there for you.. Lots of love and support..please cheer up 🙂

  15. Always make everyone proud Raphael. You are special and I wish you a quick recovery. Hugs and prayers for you and your team!

  16. it was a tough night for our champion Rafa and for all of us who love n respect him … Rafa, u are always our champion and inspiration, and in happy or sad days u have our support always … thank you for standing up and facing up to the challenge amidst the physical, emotional and mental pains troubling you last nite … it is moments like these that we bring with us to make us stronger fighters in life’s times of struggles … vamos RAFA! we pray for your health and we look forward to your amazing tennis and championship trophies, our humble and amazing champ!

  17. This match may be one which I remember among the greatest of Rafa’s matches.Not for the quality of the tennis, but for the demonstration of his quality as a person. We have seen many great performances from our champion, but this showed the world another kind of quality. I am deeply moved.

  18. Rafa, you did not win the trophy today, but you won an even bigger prize, that is the fans´heart! There will be surely more cups for you in 2014 and much beyond. Get well soon and look forward to RG 🙂

  19. So, so sad for you Rafa – all your fans know how hard you have worked to reach this final – all love and good luck <3

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