New Rankings: Is Rafael Nadal’s No.1 ranking in danger after Australian Open loss?

Rafael Nadal may have lost his bid to achieve a historic fourteenth grand slam title with his loss at the Australian Open, but his ranking as the reigning World No. 1 is safe. The rankings have been updated, and as of 27/1/2014, Rafa has 14,330 points, a whopping 3710 points more than Novak Djokovic and 8620 more than the new World No. 3, Stanislas Wawrinka.

Rankings 2014 1

Rafa may not add any extra points until the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami in mid-March because he is defending 1,750 points until then. 

Click here to see the rest of Rafa’s confirmed schedule for the 2014 season. VAMOS RAFA!

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  1. What a gentleman! He could have shaken Stan’s hand and given up in the second set but he didn’t want Stan to win by default. He will always be the greatest tennis player ever!!

  2. why should we worry? NOthing to worry , no reason to lose faith! Last year Rafa DIDN”T PLAY AT ALL.. and Novak was the champion in Australia! and Rafa has returned to be number one again . Now Rafa made it to Final. .. (Novak only to quater Final) it’s much much much better than last year, right?! VAMOSSSS

  3. +Rafael Nadal – Numero Uno – Rafa, you are number 1 in ranking, and also in Character. There are good and bad in the world, and you are tops among the good folk. Your display of sportsmanship and concern for people is exemplary. You will win your 14th grand slam, and as usual, you will have deserved it. Praying that you remain healthy and fit and pain free so that you can play your best tennis. We love you, and God bless you. Marylynn

  4. Hello everyone!
    From my calculations Rafa can gather some point until Miami – 850 points to be exact, but correct me if I’m wrong:
    From February 2013 he has: 150 points from final in Vina del Mar + 250 points from winning Sao Paulo = 400 points
    From March 2013 he has: 500 points for winning Acapulco +1000 for winning Indian Wells + 0 because he didn’t play in Miami = 1500 points.
    So until Miami he has to “defend” 400 + 1500 = 1900 points he got in 2013.

    In February 2014 he’s playing: Buenos Aires where he can win 250 points + Rio Open where he can win 500 points = 750 points to win.
    In March 2014 he’s playing: Indian Wells with the potential for 1000 points again + Miami where he can win 1000 points too = 2000 points to win.
    This presents a theoretical opportunity for winning 2750 points in February-March period.
    So actually he can win additional 850 points (2750 – 1900) if he wins everything he plays in.
    That would be a challenge sure, but in theory it’s possible 🙂

    However, I calculated worst case scenario, too and the good news is that even if Rafa didn’t play in any tournament at all for some time and Djokovic won everything he played in (based on last year I’m counting on Djokovic playing Dubai, Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo), Rafa still has secured his world no. 1 until after Monte Carlo (21.04.2014). It’s good to know, but let’s hope the injury is nothing serious and he’s back on tour as planned.

    If I made any mistake in my calculations, please let me know.

    Great website by the way!

    • I just realised I added the Miami points as points he can add before Miami – sorry for the confusion.
      But he should still be fine until Monte Carlo 🙂

    • Hi, thank you and welcome to our website Felula! I’m glad you brought up this question, as I wasn’t sure if I should put any calculations in the article.

      The ATP Emirates ranking system works on a rolling 52 week basis. That means, everything in the preceding 52 weeks, regardless of year, counts. Once the 52 weeks are up, the tournament score beyond that time span drops off. The website lists a dropoff date next to every tournament’s entry on a player’s profile.

      If a player, within those 52 weeks, is returning to a tournament, he is simply defending his points and cannot add any additional points. Rafa won Sao Paulo and Acapulco, two places he is NOT returning to this year. Those 750 points will drop off. He is, instead, going to Buenos Aires and Rio, so if he wins those, the maximum he can add is 750 points. If he doesn’t win, he is in danger of losing a part of those points. The third tournament is Indian Wells, where he is the defending champion. He cannot add any points there. Again, if he doesn’t defend his title, he will lose points, depending on which round he lost in. (But he will defend his title, vamos!) So, the earliest tournament he can add points is at Miami, right after IW, where he did not play and therefore has no points to defend.

    • P.s. his Vina del Mar points have been replaced by the Doha points. There is a separate explanation for that, which involves which points are countable as best six. For more information on that, it’s best to look up ATP FAQs. If you still have questions, by all means please don’t hesitate to ask, we are all learning and sharing here together.

      • Thanks for the reply and your explanations!
        I did realise my mistake, but I didn’t know how to fix my comment 🙂

        And I’m all for reading more about points and rankings – for me it’s interesting.

  5. thank goodness he IS safe , he does not deserve to lose his number1. I could have wept for
    disappointment , he must have felt, that and his back. hurting . but what a lovey guy he is , generous and loyal

  6. Felicitazioni Rafa!!!! Hai affrontato due avversari Stan e il Dolore, ma sei rimasto con coraggio e professionalità! Vamos!!!!

  7. However, Rafa, please never give up. In my opinion, if you stay healthy, you can win 27 Grand Slam. Why not!!

  8. Once was called one dimensional player, Rafa shut them off! Once was called, he is only good on clay, Rafa shut them off! Once was called his injured and done, Rafa came back not just once but more than 3 times. is a great role model, a true champion, gladiator and a living legend. i can not ask for more….. he works so hard and still play with great passion. to top it all, he is really concern about the future of tennis and tennis players! we should be thankful we have a player like him in this era! men tennis is so boring without him. Don’t hate him because his Spaniard! Don’t hate him because his losing his hair! Don’t hate him because he has OCD! Don’t hate him because he has a better H2H against the top 4. Rafa rocks!!! =)

  9. !!!!!!!!!!!!!felicitaciones campeon!!!!!!

      (edited: phone numbers removed)

    El Lunes, 27 de enero, 2014 12:20 A.M., Rafael Nadal Fans escribió: RafaelNadalFC posted: “Rafael Nadal may have lost his bid to achieve a historic fourteenth grand slam title with his loss at the Australian Open, but his ranking as the reigning World No. 1 is safe. The rankings have been updated, and as of 27/1/2014, Rafa has 14,330 points, a “

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