Final VIDEOS: Rafael Nadal vs Stanislas Wawrinka – Australian Open 2014

Following defeat by Stan Wawrinka, Rafa congratulates the champion, thanks his team for their support, and expresses his appreciation for the crowd.

An emotional Rafa thanks the Rod Laver Arena crowd for their support after being defeated by Stan Wawrinka in the AO2014 men’s final.

Highlights of Stanislas Wawrinka’s victory over Rafael Nadal in the men’s final match of the 2014 Australian Open.

More highlights…

Rafael Nadal Australian Open Injury – ESPN’s Brad Gilbert and Chris McKendry take a look at Rafael Nadal’s injury during his Championship Match at the Australian Open.

Nadal battles back tears after ’emotional’ tournament

Injured Nadal cries at the changeover

Nadal has to take medical timeout

Full Match


  1. I don’t think Stan is a Alpine Goat he is a great Tennis Player just saying not as good as Rafa or Novac. Stan has 1 win against Rafa Stan had never even taken a set off Rafa. then he wins against Rafa when he was injured, by the way Rafa was feeling back pain during the warm up before the Match. Stan may win against him again but he better be at his best unless Rafa is hurt.

  2. Rafa ur awesome…Stan the lucky fellow….gets two days off before the semis. Btw m shocked at the AO. First the crazy draw and then Rafa plays a late evening match against Roger n I bet by the time he got in bed after the press conf and stuff it must have been late and then he just gets a day before the final. Can somebody explain to me why both semifinalist weren’t given equal rest time? Rafa could have done with two days rest. It seemed from the draw onwards, he was being what someone else rightfully said ‘penalized for being no.1’. Rafa u take care of urself and get well soon and take your time. Also, can you perhaps consider a different trainer/physio. Look at Djokovic and now Stan and even Fed, they seem to have better time with their bodies atleast Djokovic (others style not as intense as yours). Also can we look into what the Swiss eat and recommend same to Rafa. Also, Fed was lucky to a large extend to amass the slams he has. First, earlier he didn’t have much of a challenge….sure Rafa was there but more so on clay…Djokovic was just glooming and Del Potro got injured. So there was not much challenge. In Rafas case, he has Roger the Djokovic decided to peak at his time n not when Rafa was off tour and now Del potro is back and we have Andy n Stan. I can bet had Roger faced same such challange with Nole n Andy n Potro at peak, he would have had fewer slams. Take care Rafa ur the best!!!

    • you are correct in what you say.. but let us watch Rafa try to play one handed backhand vs.Fed or Stan o Haas; in short i don’t feel sorry for him or Uncle Tony

  3. Rafa you are my hero, you are truly a champion in and out of the court!. you deserve the highest honor a man can receive. stay healthy and my best wishes for the rest of the year.

  4. Rafa your health is paramount, nothing else matters…….nevertheless, I cannot help but muse over the fortunate win of the ‘Swiss Alpine Yodeler’ ….you are a ‘Bull Fighter’ not an Alpine goat…..this story is never ending……God Bless Rafa!

  5. Rafa you are truly a champion. An individual who wont through in the down no matter how bad the situation might be. I truly believe there would have been a different outcome at the Australian Open had you not had the back injury. Get your back x-rayed and get the proper treatment you need. Take care of your hand. Get well soon and come back like you have never done before. Put all those skeptics to rest that you are the best tennis player in the world and one to be reckoned with.

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