Dmitry Tursunov shares his thoughts on Rafael Nadal

Photo: Vamos Brigade
Photo via Vamos Brigade

Tennis Now: Does it surprise you that Rafa Nadal has been able to have one of the best seasons of his career after being off the court for seven months?

Dmitry Tursunov: It’s a tough topic because a lot of people insinuate that he’s not just taking Flintstones to play so well. We all have to do something a little extra because we have to maintain the level we need to compete. I’m not talking about something illegal or something hard-core. I don’t know, maybe he does have butt implants. That seems to be the topic of the locker room (laughs). I think he’s definitely exceptional in a lot of ways. Mentally, he’s able to focus in a way that not a lot of people are able to. I think he loves just the grind of it. He loves the challenge of it. I’m not the person who likes to go out and compete for the hell of it. I’d rather go lay on a couch somewhere. Rafa is able to focus, not to win the tournament and say, like, “Holy crap, I did such a good job! Let’s go party somewhere in Mallorca and Ibiza!” He wins the French Open and the next day he’s practicing for two hours in Queens. I’m sure he takes certain steps to give himself the best chance to get there, whether it’s taking Flintstones or eating correctly. It’s a little bit unfair from our side to say, “For sure, this guy is juicing,” because in our minds, we’d rather believe he’s doing a quick fix instead of believing he works for seven hours like a horse to get there.

Source: Tennis Now (Totally Tursunov: Dmitry Talks Life Lessons, Sugarpova, and Rafa Nadal)


  1. I wonder what the context of that was? Is Tursunov saying that the general consensus in the locker room is that Rafa’s juicing, or is he just being provocative because he’s fallen off? While I do appreciate a player being candid, implying that Rafa might be cheating is a bit irresponsible.

  2. Nadal is just the strongest in his mind set, and his play, he has the most awesome spin on the ball when he hits it,
    , he makes the most awesome curve in shots better by far then anyone.and no one has a better runaround the ball shot then Rafa, just a very awesome allaround player.

  3. Take me for example, I am not a tennis player but I spend a lot of time watching tennis because I love it and even more so when Rafa is playing. With the time difference in the world, I often get only 3 or 5hrs max sleep an evening and still; I am able to cope better than people who have 8hrs sleep and I don’t take any form of drugs and I am years older too. People often say to me ‘how do you do it?’. I am who I am and I am in my own way mentally strong and very positive in my life. I only livk positive things and dislike people who only look at the negative side of things. Vamos Rafa!

  4. Coincido en las declaraciones anteriores de D. Annie, es muy merecedor, como gran trabajador, entreno tras entreno en lo más y mejor que conoce y sabe ser: Él Gran Deportista de La Élite del Tenis al Más Alto Nivel Mundial.

  5. Nadal is strong and his strangth comes from the love of tennis and certainly his entire life. much respect for him! Vamosss Rafaaaa!

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