Time to party like a Nadalista!

In a reply to the question “If you’re hosting a party, what three tennis players do you invite and why?”, posed by Tennis Grandstand’s Romi Cvitkovic, Marion Bartoli mentioned that she would invite either Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, because they are her favorites.

We know that Rafa loves to party, and he makes a great guest. Need proof? Watch:

This Wimbledon has taken its toll on us all. A party is in order. Let’s dream for a bit. So say you’re hosting a party, and Rafa is your guest of honor. Whom will you invite that Rafa would love to have as company? What kind of food would you serve? What kind of entertainment would you have? Dream it up and tell us!

Let’s get this party started!!

P.S. The secret code to get into this party is Vamos Rafa! You’re all invited, of course 😉


  1. I’ll invite Rafa of course because I adore him, Verdasco is a fun person at to dance and have fun, Novak for his funny bone Serena, she looks like she will shake her booty well, Xisca,Lopez,John, Patrick,Mary Joe,Chris,and Rafa team.

  2. Make it feel new sensations in positions that can not even imagine! with delicious food of love I concerve only for the chosen of my heart! Vamooos Rafa!

  3. I would include Rafa’s team, friends and family.
    Tennis Players: The Spanish Armada, Fernando Verdasco, Feliciano Lopez, Daveed Ferrer, Carlos Moya, Juan Monaco, Andy Murray, Fed,
    Tomas Berdych, James Blake – more eye candy for me.
    Petko, for fun Ivonovic,
    Serena and Sharapova for a little drama

    I’d serve tapas and Rafas favorite dish pasta y gambas
    Red and white sangria
    One of those ridiculous cakes the French Open gives him for his birthday every year.

    Entertainment: Shakira and Enrique Iglesias

    • With Serena and Sharapova, you’d have a lot of drama 🙂 That would definitely heat up the party quickly 🙂 The cake sounds sooo good!

  4. sending me a sms to confirm your invitation (+ ***) ********* . Vamos Rafa

  5. Imagine that tonight I organize a party in a beautiful setting!
    I invite full of people including Christiano Ronaldo, Pau Gasol, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, and many other of my country that will please my special guest Rafael Nadal! to whom I asked to come up with three of his friends but his girlfriend.

    On the menu it will be full of food and drinks and also African Spanish for his curiosity. there will be all kinds of music that makes sense to young people.
    Many entertainment competition swimming in ice water …

    And then we will be eclipsed with Nadal in a quiet corner kissing and bonking on its delightful music! Vamooos Rafa!

  6. The party menu above from Vashudha sounds great Can i add coronation chicken and lots of salads and what about a pavlova for pudding?

    As to who I would invite- same as above but add Marin Cilic cause he’s so good looking and like above all girl-friends and last but not least Rafa himself- a party wouldn’t be a party without him- let’s get started!!!

    • I love a good Pavlova. Salads too, yes please! All tennis players are on the invite list 🙂 And Rafa is definitely THE guest of honor. This has to be a two day party. One night is simply not enough!

  7. Location: http://pinterest.com/pin/59039445087234005/ or

    1)Fiesta Platter- bite sized crab taquitos,Nachos,Quesadillas,Chimichangas,Guacamole &
    Sour cream
    2)Guacamole & Chips
    3) Mini Pesto Pizza Rolls
    4)Prawn Cocktail
    5) Spider Roll- Deep fried soft-shell crab & spicy tuna

    1)Garden fresh vegetables with sautéed mushrooms,corn & salsa
    2) Teriyaki Salmon
    3) Sushi Rolls
    4)Corn Tamales
    5)Sea Food Sizzler
    6)Crabmeat Enchilada served with Jalepeno-Cilantro Pesto Sauce,sour cream,fresh
    avocado served with black beans & rice
    7) Katana- steak with teriyaki sauce,fried risotto & Alaskan King Crab served with tomato
    mango sauce toppped with white sauce. (Cheese optional)
    8) Pasta y gambas 😉

    1) Strawberries soaked in white wine
    2) Candy Floss dipped Margheritas
    3)Citron Tarts
    4)Cookies & Cream Double Chocolate Cheesecake
    5)Molten Chocolate Cupcake with Nutella Frosting
    6)Assortement of Icecreams
    7)Mojito Popsickles
    8)Mayan Chocolate Mousse

    Mojitos and Spanish Lemonade and Orange Mimosas along side custom made drinks for guests.

    Shakira and Enrique (Duet)
    Armin Van Buuren & Calvin Harris ( House DJs for the night)
    Special app. from Nayer and Don Omar

    All the Nadals,friends and team, sponsors, John McEnroe, Mats Wilander, Bjorn Borg, Andre & Steffi,Georgio Armani,Andy Roddick,Richard Branson,Ana Ivanovic,Fernando Verdasco,Victoria Azaernka, Grigopova, Serena Williams, Shakira & Pique, Ronaldo, Neymar,Rory and Caroline,David Bisbal, Feliciano Lopez,Juan Monaco,Roger Federer,Psuedofed, Juan Martin,Andy Murray & Kim Sears,ME 😉

    😀 hope my party is a blast…..

    • Wow. If this is just an imaginary party, I can’t imagine what a real party at your place might be like. First of all, this list MUST include me and my fellow admin 🙂 Second, this has to be the party of the millennium. It’s perfect. All we need is a swag gift bag for all the guests, say a Richard Mille RM027 watches for the gentlemen and comparable worth in diamonds for the ladies (or we can be cheap and give them a ferrari; certainly a bit cheaper than the watch). Third, I like that you want to invite Pseudofed. Imagine the stories after the party. This has to be an all-week thing. It’s too awesome to be even just a weekend. There can be costume changes and all. McEnroe, Wilander, and Borg can provide commentary on arrivals and gossip, and maybe even judge a break dance contest or something. So lovely. Clear winner, Vasudha 🙂 Best party idea 🙂

      • Thankyou!!! 🙂
        Ya the Swag Bags, thanks for reminding me…
        But first:
        You are invited 😉
        The reason Pseudofed made the guest list, was because at the end of the day I need somebody to remind me how modest I am #humble 😉
        I love the idea for costume changes but I would like to give the guys a break from all the commentating..McEnroe partnering with Redfoo for a moonwalk? #epic

        Swag Bag (Men):
        (I am sorry the Richard Mille watch is for RAFA only!!! #protective)
        1) http://symasytes.com/images/Tom-Ford-Fragrance-Neroli-Portofino-Eau-Fraiche-Body-Splash.jpg
        (Men get a perfume & a year long prepaid Private Jet membership card)

        Swag Bag (Women):
        (Women get a perfume & a catalogue of De Grisogono to choose their desired piece from)

      • Ok, you’re right, the watch is only for Rafa 🙂 Redfoo and Johnny Mac moonwalking…truly epic! But John has to wear an afro wig all night. Also, there must be one of those fun photo booths, an ice cream bar, and Supper Club-style entertainment during dinner. And POKER! Also, Rafa gets pampered all night (weekend? week?), along with Xisca. There must also be some relaxation. Yoga rooms, or just mellow music. Oh how I wish this were possible! Sigh.

  8. I would invite Rafas Spanish friends like Fernando Verdasco, Feliciano Lopez, David F. American friends Andy R. Novac J.and Gf. Roger F. and wife, Andy M. and his girlfriends cause they are all so awesome, his Beautiful girlfriend Maria of course, and go all out with some cool Spanish and American rockin music. serve sodas finger food, crackers & cheese, chips & dips pina coladas, beer, frozen Dackquries.. we woul have some awesome rockin time, hey Rafa lets get it on lets party.

    • I like 🙂 Maybe this could be an American themed party? Watch some football (the US kind)? I think Rafa should be shown the virtues of the NFL.

  9. I wud invite Rafa cuz he’s my hero. Novak cuz he can do gangnam style and Feliciano Lopez cuz he’s hot!

    • hahaha I can just imagine Novak doing the gangnam style up and down a horse stable, Pierre dancing around his ankles. Hilarious! That would definitely be an animated party! 🙂

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