Rafa Nadal Foundation introduces a blog

Rafael Nadal and his mother Ana Maria Parera

The Rafa Nadal Foundation’s webpage, which is available in Spanish, English and Catalan, has a new blog, where the foundation invites people to provide input, make comments, and give them feedback. The blog is currently in Spanish only. There are also other ways to help the foundation, by making a purchase from their shop, with proceeds benefiting the foundation. It’s a great way to help a worthy cause.

The foundation aims to help marginalized and discriminated children, socially and personally integrate by providing educational programs in sports. Founded by Rafael Nadal, it currently runs programs for children in Spain and an educational center in India, and has plans to expand to other locations. The foundation is run by the Nadal family and close friends. Rafa’s mother, Ana Maria Parera, is the president, and father Sebastian is the Secretary. Maria Francisca Perello is the Director of Social Integration.

We are so proud of the foundation, and it’s a pleasure to see that our champion has a big heart and a love for children.


  1. Rafa you are always so generous. Please work on introducing English into communicating what your foundation. Good job

  2. It is a good deed that Rafa taking care of toddlers. As they say: It is more blessed to give than to receive! Especially when our gesture to contribute to the development of others. I work in a non profit organization that has the same vision as yours except that we it is with music and perhaps looking to sport one day. Vamos Rafa!

    • It indeed is better to give than to receive! It’s a great feeling. Music therapy/social integration via music is gaining ground here in the US too. Art is also a popular realm for these purposes. Very commendable that you work in this line. Deserve a lot of respect. Vamos, Elisabeth!

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