Points the Top 5 have to defend until the end of 2013

This table is a great way of representing how many points the top 5 have to defend the rest of the year.

Instead of arguing whether Rafa Nadal being seeded 5th at Wimbledon is fair or unfair, perhaps it’s better to focus on the rest of the season. Since Wimbledon was the last tournament that Rafa played in 2012, he only has to defend the points he earned before he exited. The other players have a bit of work to do to stay in their spots.

If David Ferrer and Rafa get past the 3rd round at Wimbledon, Roger Federer has the possibility of losing his #3 ranking, unless he wins the tournament and defends his points.

Table: @DerechaoReves
Table: @DerechaoReves

Vamos Rafa! Go one match at a time and just stay healthy 🙂


  1. This would be even more confusing for the new ones that Rafa will move one spot up to no. 4 in rankings after the wimbledon despite a first round loss. I am saying this to those people who complainted rafa moving one spot down to no. 5 after winning Roland Garros. Mystery Magic of Rankings.

  2. I really want rafa to do well for the rest of the season. after last year he deserves it. And only having 45 points to defend is a great opportunity, his ranking will rise significantly i feel. vamos rafa!

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