WATCH: Rafa, Roger and an unbreakable bond

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer sit down together to talk about an incredible finale to Day 1 of Laver Cup 2022.

“When Roger leaves the tour, yeah, an important part of my life is leaving too. All the moments he has been next or in front me in important moments of my life. So has been emotional to see the family, see all the people. Yeah, difficult to describe.

“For me it’s a huge honour to be part of this moment…and to be part of his career. I always considered Roger like my greatest rival. When I arrived on tour, he was the guy that I had to follow. I think he helped me a lot to grow. I think we push each other a lot during a lot of years and that makes our career.”


  1. I hope that Rafa can continue his tennis career to last as long as Roger’s . Its a sad moment for me when the iconic legends retire . Yes , time bever stands still and events like Friday’s Laver Cup finale for Roger are happy because of the appreciation of us fans and fellow compatriots but yet sad because the end has to come sometime . Rafa and Roger’s tears speak for his magnificent moment in time .

  2. How lucky to find someone who “gets” you and who shares your goals and aspirations. There may be times or ventures in the future where they may collaborate again. All the best to them both👍👏🍀❤️

  3. Ha, ha – “yes I can retire from singles and we can play doubles full-time” Rafa. These two guys are just great together and you can tell that there is genuine friendship and fondness between them. Wonderful to see !!!

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