WATCH: Everyone is talking about Rafael Nadal’s missing racquet

Top seed Rafael Nadal was left without the racquet he wanted to use in his opening match against Jack Draper after a ballboy seemingly took the wrong one to the stringer to be repaired.

I need the racquet back. I need the dampener and everything. The ball boy took my racquet.

Rafa Nadal

Match higlights:

On-court interview:

Hot Shot:


  1. Rafa para ser tu primer partido te veo muy bien, quizá más delgado, eso te favorece, tendrás más elasticidad, algo necesario para el tenis, sigue tu línea, se positivo , y cree en ti, se que lo conseguirás, también he visto tu servicio mejorado, también algo necesario, no bajes tu saque, te deseo lo mejor!!!!!!

  2. Rafa handled his missing racquet so well, with class and dignity!

    Rafa’s win against Draper will really help Rafa get the second round win against McDonald.

  3. Social Media breeds the ease with which to post negativity. Makes them feel better about themselves to lash on others. Sad.

  4. Despite distractions, Rafa has the will to win. Focus on the goal-Mack is next-let’s get
    the job done👏👍💪🤛🍀🎾❤️

  5. You guys know why everyone is talking about is Nadal’s missing racquet. It’s because there was no good tennis to talk about. You either report on Draper’s injury or Nadal’s missing racquet.

    • You are just jealous of Rafa, you creepy young voter.

      Young voter is just a delusional deranged and foolish being who has no right to be on this site.

      All young voter does is write garbage.

      • I agree, Mel B.

        Young voter creeps me out with his drivel and junk posts.

        Young voter never writes anything worthy for us Rafa Fans to read and react positively to.

        I truly believe Rafa will get the win against McDonald in Round 2 of the AO.

      • Thanks Mel B! You speak nothing but the truth about young voter!

        Rafa will continue to win and win. I believe in him!

      • Young voter spews garbage and nonsense. We are sick and tired of seeing what young voter writes to readers on this site.

        Why can’t all fans on this site just speak highly of our dear Rafa?!

        Oh, they spew hate and nonsense only because they are not fans of Rafa but just want to cause mischief and grief for all of us.

      • So funny! No one listens to or believes young voter. Everyone on this site belittles young voter for his crassness and lowly thoughts.

        But everyone listens to, believes, and LOVES Rafa!

    • Ha ha ha. You have nothing better to say, young voter? So petulant you are and envious of all that Rafa has accomplished.

    • What are you doing here, Young Voter? Have you lost your way?

      Or another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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