Rafael Nadal shares inspiring training video

Rafael Nadal provided a glimmer of optimism regarding his imminent comeback to tennis by sharing recent training footage.

Our champ, who has been sidelined since January and underwent surgery in June, took to Instagram to post a video of himself back on the practice court.

In the video, Rafa showcased his agility by moving laterally while executing powerful forehands and backhands.


  1. Hey Rafa-hope you are feeling great-of course, we miss you, and enjoy seeing you out hitting on court. Best of luck always💪🤛👏👍🍀🎾❤️

  2. Raphael, here’s hoping, God willing you have good health, that you start any comeback after the Australian. Hard courts are not what you body needs. Would be awesome to see you back in Major tournaments and win one! That would be epic, forever talked about, and appreciated by millions of people, in part, because of how much you overcame physical injuries. 

    Question to fellow Rafa Fans: Beginning with the first calendar year Novak, Raphael, Roger, all played in a major, how many majors thru current day did each one play in until they were beaten? For example, if Roger played in 50 Majors, won 20 of them, he played in 30 Majors he didn’t win.

    In addition, how many tournaments has, thru current day, each player missed (not entered or withdrew due to injury or otherwise)?

    • As much as I appreciate your love for Rafa and trying to stay positive and lighthearted by giving Rafa fans a nice bit of a trivia quiz. We live in times now where the internet is everything and any answer that was responded to your post would be googled. Which is a shame. The internet has destroyed the art of debate and discourse.

      Here’s a factoid that sprung to mind which, I guess, the random fan would only know had they googled it. I didn’t google this so sorry if the answer is incorrect. I’m not including exhibitions or Davis Cup.

      Rafa, in a tournament I cannot recall, aimed directly and hit Djokobitch with the ball while Djokobitch was at the net. Looked painful. Haha. Rafa went on to win that match. The bad thing about this was that Djokobitch went on to win their next seven meetings. Booooo!

      Was it aiming for Djokobitch at the net, was it just a low period for Rafa and a high period for Djokobitch, who can say?

      It was funny though.

      • I respect and understand what you’re saying about google. I purposely have not used google, as it is nothing more than the “wonder destroyer.” I believe if Rafa had excellent health with his body he would be at 28 major wins.

      • Completely agree.

        Bear in mind that at two Australian Open finals, one against Roger, the other against Djokobitch, he was a break up in the fifth. Had Rafa held serve for those two, the grand slam total after his last AO victory would have been Rafa 23, Roger 19, Djokobitch 19. Think I’ve done my maths right. Not googling it. This is just from memory. It’s probably incorrect but…. I think it’s correct. All very speculative and woulda coulda shoulda though, where the AO finals are concerned.

        Then, as you say, the horror of injury. Rafa is constantly in pain, then throw in, really quite a lot of injuries: wrist, abdominal tear, elbow, ankle, forearm, tendonitis, knee, appendix. All of them are injuries or ailments. Then take in to account the congenital chronic foot condition.

        I mean, how on Earth can an athlete achieve so much while suffering chronic pain, major injuries plus ailments plaguing him. It’s extraordinary and speaks volumes about how mentally strong he is to play through the pain.

      • Are you referring to Montreal 2013 semifinal? If this is the match you’re talking about, Rafa defeated Djoker some days later at the US OPEN in the final.

      • Looked at their head to head on the ATP website, as I’m sure Djokobitch won their next seven meetings. Djokobitch has unfortunately won seven matches back to back twice against Rafa so the ball skelp was either 2010 WTF round robin or 2014 RG final.

        Pretty sure it was a hard court so I’m gonna guess that it happened at the WTF 2010. All the seven meetings after the, ha hem, incident were finals. Right up to 2012 Monte Carlo final, where Rafa stopped the rot.

        The other would be 2014 RG final. Afterwards, quite a mixed bag of finals (2), semifinals (3) and quarter finals (2). Rafa stopping the rot at Madrid 2017 Semi final.

        Around about two years plus on two occasions where Djokobitch won everything when they played each other.


      • Out of curiosity, seeing as how you mentioned Rogers cup 2013 then the subsequent win a bit later at the USO, (2013, vintage amazing year), Did Rafa smack Djokobitch with the ball while the goat fucker was at the net in Montreal? If so, I’m so watching that match again.

        I know pride is a sin but I’m very proud of my Rafa match archive. Got everything from 2005 onwards, every tournament win, some in really quite annoying non-English commentary, not a racist thing, just an observation that commentators, especially Russians just talk all over the rally then calm down and don’t say much of anything between points, between first and second serves and at changeovers.

        The early stuff is just finals but after that, when it gets to sort of mid to late 2010s, I made it my mission to procure every single match played on the road to a tournament victory.

        Also got every win over Roger (not finals as they’d be in the victory category).

        Same with Djokobitch although this is a crying shame. The really early Djokobitch defeats are absolutely horrible quality 5 minute highlights.

        Talk about flying off at a tangent. Just wanted to boast about my Rafa collection, I guess.

        Don’t know how this would work on this online chat site but, I’d be more than happy to share any match I possess. The late Barcelona victories plus route to the final were a right pain in the bum to get. Every match was aired on Spanish TV alone but nowhere else apart from the final on Eurosport, I think.

        Ive come to the conclusion, quite a while ago that I’d rather reminisce about the good old days than struggle to stay awake by some serve plus forehand bore.

  3. It’s been too long but so glad to see Rafa hitting the practice courts. His presence is sorely missed. Can’t wait to see Rafa back on tour in 2024. Sounds good to me already!

  4. So happy to see Rafa practicing, hopefully recovery is going great and we’ll see him 100% healthy on court again. Apart from Carlos, tennis is so boring right now…miss Rafa so much. Can’t wait to see you soon on court!💪🏻🙏🏻

  5. Rafa is the GOAT regardless of how many title the other guy wins. You are looking healthy and are practicing well. Looking forward to seeing you in Australia in January!! Vamos!

  6. Hello there Rafa! Sooooio nice to see you been able to do what you do best! Since you are playing in the opening competition I buy tickets to each and every Australian Open ,hopping that i get to see you life ,in action! In 19 years of that,I’ve got to see you 3 times: never got a good spot to take an autograph nor to see you training ! Been in Australia ( far away from any other tournament it’s my only chance! I hope that you’ll get better and play again! You are my star,the king ,the one and only

    • Really sorry to say this but no return date has yet to be set in stone. I don’t think Rafa will play the AO. Would be nice if he did but I think, in my own wee opinion, that Rafa will focus on 250s or 500s to get back in to the swing of being competitive before going for a slam as his first tournament back.

    • I feel like I owe you a huge apology. It turns out that you were right about Rafa doing the AO 2024. I was, I guess, playing it a bit safe about where Rafa’s return tournament would be. Citing 250s or 500s. But, nope. Rafa being Rafa, he’s planning to go head first in to action at the AO. I did say it would be nice if he did the AO but subsequently just dismissed the idea completely.

      So, I’m sorry for doubting your Nostradamus like powers. I really hope you get to see him plus get a signed enormous ball too. Best way to get that would be if you had young children or nieces and nephews. Definitely the best way to get a huge ball signed.

  7. Love to see our GOAT of tennis back on the courts.
    Perhaps win a couple of more GS titles including RG. 
    He’s looking good. Stay healthy. Be safe.
    VAMOS Rafa. No 1 of tennis. 👏👍⭐️😁

  8. Very tasty indeed. 

    I wanna see Rafa do the right side hair behind ear, left side hair behind ear, tug at the shorts, pinch nose, right hand side hair behind ear,  left hand side behind ear. 

    I’ve missed that. 

      • Rafa has so many idiosyncrasies and rituals. To explain them all, this post would be enormous, well, more enormous. Quick few things though… Water and drink bottle positions; holding one racket in his hand and not in his bag as he walks on to court; not standing on lines when it’s a change of ends unless it’s with his right foot; I forgot the T shirt shoulder pull during the hair and nose pinch thing; cleaning the baseline on a clay court with his foot, even if there’s only a teeny tiny bit of clay on the baseline. I honestly can’t remember if that is left foot alone, need to watch some vintage matches to find out. This last one takes dedication, an absolutely freezing cold shower before each match. I would run a mile to avoid the frigid shower but it works for him. Rafa says it’s really a getting in the zone thing. He goes in to detail about all the rituals in his biography, which is a jolly good read. I’d recommend that any Rafa fan read it. Rafa – My Story. “The Sunday Times bestselling autobiography from the greatest tennis player of his generation”

        I think that the rituals above are probably about ten percent of his routine. Whether getting hammered (everyone has bad days at the office) or dominating and going for a double donut, the routine stays exactly the same.

        Without any shadow of a doubt, Rafa is the most mentally disciplined player ever, past and present.

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