Rafael Nadal’s Recent TV Interview: All About His Future Plans, Health, and Grand Slam Journey

In a recent Spanish television interview, Rafael Nadal addressed several topics, including his future plans, his health, and the competition for Grand Slam titles. You can find his quotes, translated by Tennis Majors, right here.

“Yes, I want to play again and I’d like to become competitive again, but the goal is not to come back and win the French Open…or the Australian Open, don’t get me wrong. I’m perfectly aware that, at this point in my life, all that is a long way off. But I’m not saying it’s impossible – anything can happen very quickly in sport.”

“I maintain that 2024 will probably be my last year, but I can’t confirm it. I see the state of my body right now, but I don’t know how it will be in three or four months. Maybe I won’t be able to play at a high level, maybe I will but without being well enough to be 100%, or it will be perfectly recovered and I’ll feel full of energy to carry on (beyond 2024).”

“But I don’t even need to answer these questions, my body will do it for me. I hope to know more precisely where I stand mid-November, so I can draw up a roadmap. Ideally, I’d like to be able to compete at the highest level. If that’s the case, I’ll use that opportunity to play the tournaments that interest me most. In the meantime, I’m working, and then my body and head will give me the answers.”

 “Leaving tennis at the (Paris 2024) Olympics would be a nice finishing touch, yes, if you’re ready to do it. If I think I have a chance of winning Roland Garros, I’ll adapt my calendar to choose my preparation tournaments. If not, I’ll probably want to play in a lot of places that are close to my heart to make a farewell tour (…) I don’t know where and when my last match will be, I haven’t thought about that.”

“Yes, if I could, I’d change a lot of things in my career. I made some bad decisions when it came to protecting my physique, especially when I was younger. I made mistakes thinking I was doing what was best for me.”

“I had hip surgery on June 2. My psoas was in a very bad state. I was told that without surgery, I wouldn’t heal even if I stopped for a long time. The operation went well, but the recovery time is long.”

“I went on vacation for five weeks, and I only did physical exercises in the gym. I needed to disconnect. The sea disconnects me, schedules seem different when you’re on land. It’s always been my escape. Before, it was for a few days. Here, for five weeks, I hardly touched my phone or anything else (connected to the internet).”

“Living with quite a bit of pain has had an impact on my mood. I now live with controlled pain, which doesn’t make me bitter. Even though it’s hard for me to be very happy when I’m having trouble getting down my stairs.”

“I train for 40 minutes three times a week, and I do quite a bit of work in the gym. Right now, when I train, I get bored, whereas I normally love it. I can’t move with the intensity I used to, even though I hit the ball well. I have to contain myself despite the urge to run. I’ve always been bored during fitness periods, but that’s never stopped me from being focused and motivated.”

Source: Tennis Majors


  1. Hey Rafa-we hope your recovery is progressing well. Stay strong-overcoming pain is never easy. We look forward to seeing you back on court-healthy, happy, and ready to compete. Your time with your son is precious and special. Well, it has been a challenge to watch tennis lately-some players I would never pay to see. All the best, Rafa-we are ready whenever you are👏👍💪🤛🎾🍀❤️

  2. Well as usual Nadal is honest and philosophical. I have always believed Rafa when he has said that having the most titles or grand slams etc. is not what drives him. I think he loves to compete and play his best and yes loves to win, but I don’t think he chasing anything at this point in his life or career. He just wants to go out on his own terms and who can blame him for that.

    For me personally Djokovic will never be the GOAT, no matter how many Grand Slams he wins. I think it goes beyond titles and wins. I agree with what Uncle Toni said that both Rafa and Roger had more transformational change on tennis than Djokovic has. There were both more exciting to watch than Djokovic is, and they brought millions of new fans to tennis through their play and their behaviour! Plus I think both Roger and Rafa played tougher matches against more people in their prime, than Djokovic has. I think for most tennis fans the GOAT debate will always be subjective , but for me I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy watching someone play tennis as I have enjoy watching Rafa over the years – the greatest for me!!!

    • This whole GOAT thing. To me, it’s about a lot more than trophies in the cabinet. Any Djokobitch fan will rattle on about stats and records and trophies.

      In online polls even, the random public, not even Djokobitch fans, will say, he’s won the most, he’s been no 1 in the world for the longest time. Djokobitch is the GOAT.

      Rafa doesn’t even want to be part of the GOAT debate.

      In my mind, Rafa is the best Tennis player to ever grace a court. He’s a gentleman; he’s humble; he never loses his cool and starts smashing rackets; he never gets scarily and unsettlingly aggressive; he’s extremely fair and shows consummate sportsmanship; he will freely give a point or serve away when there’s no Hawkeye and he disagrees with an umpire overrule which would be in his favour; he’s a positive role model and he doesn’t brag and boast about his achievements.

      Take everything above and 180 it. That’s Djokobitch for you.

      The best is more to do with temperament than trophies.

    • Oh, forgot to say. Djokobitch has serial killer eyes. He honestly freaks me out when the camera zooms in to his face. I have to honestly cover the screen with my hand. Scary! The freaky eyes are probably a side effect of blood doping.

      He looks like a genetics experiment went badly wrong.

      Pretty bad, taking digs at someone’s physical appearance but I don’t care. I just can’t stand the site of his smug, pompous, egotistical, self-righteous, conceited, puffed-up, self-contented, stuck up, falsely superior, vainglorious face.

      Hate is a strong word. I’m going to go with despise.

    • You are just a salty loser just like rafa. RAFA has lost the slam race but hé was never a true rival. The only success hé had was on clay.

      Rafa has done dusastrously on other courts. Djokovic is the greatest of all time on the court and off the court. Its time for rafa and roger and people like you to acknowledge the greatness of the serb. Nadal destroyed his body where nole is reaches 4 finals at the age of 36.

      Nole has the respect of the younger generation including alcaraz. You see mutual respect between them. And how they support eachother.

      • I really tried to get through your tirade but my eyelids were really getting heavy two sentences in. I have to stay awake for the online shopping to arrive so I’m terribly sorry but I wasn’t able to get past two sentences of your diatribe. Had I read any more of your bore fest, I’d be sound asleep.

      • Unfortunate but true. That parasite lingers around the place like a fart in a lift, annoying wasp, the stench of dog dirt on the soles of Doc Martens (very laborious getting rid of that with a lollipop stick).

        He thinks he’s clever. You’re not. You can’t even spell. You’re an annoying parasite that should have been a stain on your dad’s wank rag. Seek help.

  3. Feel so terrible for Rafa… truth be told he was the only watchable tennis player. He had to fight so many topclass players in every tournament from 2004 to 2022… it is sad that none of the youngsters today give any competition to the older guy thanks to which he keeps winning – is he so good… I i dont think so at all… guess very lucky unlike Rafa who is stopped at every stage by his physical deformity…sheer bad luck to have so much passion for the sport but so much pain as well. Hope his life is happy – with or without tennis…

    • I completely agree about the ‘older guy’. I find his game completely conventional and nothing at all spectacular. He’s a bore to watch basically. I think with most of the younger players, they’re playing the trophy cabinet and not the ball, which could be intimating, I guess.

      As for Rafa, he’ll be fine. He has his loving wife, son and family around him. Plus his fishing:)

  4. Rafa getting a lot of backlash after what he said in his interview about ND, so sad to see so many vultures equivocating his words on purpose, but we know what they’re like and that’s why they support that obnoxious guy.
    Stay strong Rafa and hope to see you soon on court🙏🏻💪🏻

    • What to expect from the vultures! They can’t take the true.. Rafa is far more better conduct and authentic person than Djocovid, ! Rafa is wise every time he says anything, not a clown like Djocovid who only is crying to be loved and attention ! Rafa says his opinion as it is and that’s it. Intelligent people have a opinion.. The true hurts

    • Djokobitch and his fans are such Muppets. How many times has Djokobitch congratulated Rafa on social media after he won a slam? it’s not a necessity. Who cares?

  5. Just say positive everything will fall into place!!!!
    Like the rest of the world would love to watch you play again we do have sooooo many wonderful memories, there will always be only one Rafa!!!

  6. I believe in Rafa and look forward to a great return to tennis . I just hope the healing happens so that our vision is realized .

  7. Rafa, I shall always value you, whatever you choose to do.

    You have always made wise calls with everything to do with your life.

    I shall always trust that.

    Godspeed always, dear Rafa.

  8. Open and honest about his fitness as usual. Rafa, your tennis future is in the hands of your body, so heel well and return with renewed energy. We’re here for you as always.

  9. Wow, so sorry that you have to endure this, but at this time no other alternative.
    As I have said on this platform often, main thing is to get well. Sure we all want to see you at RG, but if it does not happen, we will deal with it.
    I’m also a fan for life, was not a happy camper with the most recent tennis event, but I’ll have to grin and bear it.The only exciting player for me was Coco.
    Heal well and take care!!!

    • Three out of four of the Slams were quite dull and disappointing.

      Dull and disappointing could be said of most of the 2023 Men’s calendar, with a few exceptions.

      Really missed you, champ. Is this what it’s going to be like after you’re gone? Think I’ll take up watching Pickle ball. I jest. There is a few interesting young players around: Alcaraz, Rune, Shelton, Draper. Plus I’ll always watch Monfils, Fognini, Murray and Thiem (shame about Thiem and Murray, the curse of injury). None of them could hold a candle to you though.

      Chronic pain isn’t nice, the stairs thing, that’s horrible. I just hope that in the near future you can have better movement so you’re not bored during practice.

      Agassi was similar in a lot of ways, chronic back pain (had to Google this) “born with Spondylolisthesis, a spinal condition where one vertebra parts from the other, leaving less room for the nerves in the spinal column, the slightest wrong movement can leave Agassi awash in pain”. Eesht!

      Congenital chronic pain is, to be frank, a fucker. The fact that you’ve achieved as much as you have is a testament to the most important thing in tennis, your brain.

  10. You will always be my champion of champions! Don’t ruin your health. You need to do what’s best for you and your family.
    Fan for Life

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