Rafael Nadal shares photo of son during summer vacation

Photo: Rafa Nadal Instagram

Rafael Nadal is enjoying a relaxing vacation on his yacht with his family.

In a heartwarming photo shared on social media, Rafa is seen holding his precious son, Rafa Junior, while standing alongside his devoted wife, Maria Francisca Perello, with all three of them mesmerized by the breathtaking expanse of the beautiful sea.

The photo, although capturing the backs of the family, speaks volumes about the joy and contentment they share. Their relaxed postures, gazing at the vast sea, paint a picture of peace and tranquility that only nature’s wonders can evoke.

Dear Rafa, may your time together in Greece be filled with joy, relaxation, and unforgettable moments. Enjoy the beautiful journey ahead!


    • It’s a baby safety thing. Not showing the face.

      The British Royalty show the faces though, strangely.

      • Oh, safety…like people seeing the baby is going to
        harm them in some way?

      • Come on RAFA! Let us us have a sneak peek at baby Rafa! Sorry we have waited a long and really want to see the little guy.

      • Ye know, I want to see the baby too but you have to think about the safety of the wee baby. There’s a lot of freaks and nutters out there. Rafa plus family aren’t protected by a dozen special ops commandos like the British royalty.

    • That’s just silly to be honest. You know I mean it’s for the safety of the baby.

      Most celebs don’t share baby pics on social media.

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