Rafa Roundup: ‘Nadal is excited to come back and retire on court’, says uncle Toni

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  • “If Rafael Nadal plays tennis again, he will do so competitively; being away with your family & child can help you” – Feliciano Lopez | sportskeeda.com

“Of that I am sure, that if Rafa plays tennis again, he will do so competitively. Sometimes being away from the slopes helps you to see things in a different way, to return with enthusiasm.”

“Because keep in mind that spending 15 or 20 years at that level of demand saturates you mentally. Being away with your family and with your child can help you,” Lopez said.

“He is fine, and his recovery is going well. Knowing Rafa and seeing his career, it is very difficult for me to see him enter a tennis court without feeling competitive. If everything goes well, in 2024 we will see him playing well. At what level?”

“It is difficult to know because it is unknown. It’s been a long time, after the injury at Wimbledon 2022, he played very little. But he has the rest of the year to recover,” Lopez said.

ifestyle hotel brand Zel, a joint venture between Meliá Hotels International and tennis ace Rafael Nadal, has signed a deal to open its first hotel in Mexico.

The new property, which represents a key milestone in the hotel chain’s growth strategy, will be operating under the name Zel Sayulita. To be located on the beachfront, the newly built hotel is expected to open in 2025. It will feature 145 rooms, a central courtyard and restaurants.

While he is the King of Clay, Rafael Nadal has had more than his fair share of big moments on hard courts too. Many of those have come in Canada, where the Spaniard is a five-time champion. He is the second-winningest man in the history of the National Bank Open and it is his most-successful event on a hard court. On more than one occasion, matches he has played in Canada have dictated the course of the ATP Tour.

  • Ryan Baird: Ireland lock on fishing, Rafael Nadal, Paul O’Connell and the Springboks | BBC

Making the final 33-man World Cup squad and representing Ireland in France would undoubtedly surpass the England game as the apex of Baird’s international career but it is interesting to note that he didn’t idolise Irish World Cup stars of previous generations growing up. Indeed, the sportsperson that really caught his eye was tennis star Rafael Nadal, whose “fight, competitiveness and passion” captured a young Baird’s imagination.

“I wouldn’t have really looked up to anybody in rugby,” he reveals.

“It was more tennis, Nadal was my idol when I was growing up. I enjoyed watching and playing rugby but it would have been Nadal who I idolised.”


I struggled against Rafa the most. Yeah, just because of his topspin and lefty, you know.

Roger Federer

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  1. Although I have accepted tennis without Rafa it’s not the same. Yes I have embraced all the new young talented players but Rafa remains so special! I am glad he is enjoying his life with family and friends but hope he will return to the US Open in 2024 so I can finally see him in person! It has been such a pleasure to support him throughout his tennis career. I will always remain such a fan!

  2. @Dunc, I agree with you. No matter how much I love Carlitos there is no way I would woke up at 5 AM to watch his match as I always do for Rafa.

    Rafa will be very busy when he hangs up his rackets one day. I just hope his last year on tour next year will be healthy and that he will be able to play all the tournaments he is supposed to play.

    • I agree with you completely about the staying healthy thing, which is why I’ve voiced my opinion a few times about not doing exhibitions.

      I’m not one of those people right here and now that are like. Come on Rafa! You can do it! Olympic Gold Medal! Another French! End season no. 1! Get all the trophies missing from your cabinet! Get a better win loss record against Djokobitch! (OK, that last one would be nice, not gonna lie).

      I may have said one or two of those things in the past but priorities change, ye know.

      Now, it’s just a case of enjoy playing, enjoy the love of the crowd, play the ball not the opponent, think one point ahead, cliche, cliche, cliche. Lol.

      Go out on your own terms. No grandiose expectations on your shoulders. Just do what you’ve always done, entertain.

  3. Yes, those were golden moments that true fans shared, regardless of a.m. Thank you for
    encouraging words, Uncle Toni🥰

  4. I really miss you, champ. Tennis is pretty stale and, dare I say it, just not that exciting anymore. With the exception of Carlitos and Holger who bring a lot of energy to the court.

    When you were playing a tournament that aired at 5am GMT I would arrange my day around watching you play live. I wouldn’t do that for Carlitos or Holger.

    You’re just something else entirely. Special. You transcend the sport.

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