Australian Open 2023: Friday practice photos

 Here are a few photos of Rafael Nadal from Friday’s practice session in Melbourne Park.


  1. I fully agree – Rafa needs to get his first serves in which is very hard to return – free points.
    If he can – he will stay no 1!!!!

  2. There is a recently quoted statement by Rafa’s Barcelona physician ( his long time doc) that’s says Rafa has a clean bill of health and has no “hindrances” to his tennis game.

    We will see what this means for the serve. I trust Coach Moya and I would not want to see another ab tear. That really would be the end.

  3. Rafa me alegro de que siguas activo, te deseo lo mejor en este torneo y siempre,

  4. Its the serve rafa that is what is bothering you. Work on that serve practice practice practice. You need a good strong first serve that will give you free points in your service games. That will save you energy that you can use otherwise. Now al your service games are struggles you spending too much energy on it. Hitting double faults is also a problem. At this age you need free points.

    • In Sydney, despite losses, Rafa showed what he can do…let us be patient; he was out of touch, but a torn ab is a problem for him. Moya & team will have to assist him to redevelop the power & skill, with less stress on the ab. Vamos champ & thanks for bringing the family.
      We will fill the arena for you. XXX

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