Rafa Roundup: Baby Rafael Nadal makes his Australian debut


Tennis sources with knowledge of the situation told the Herald that Nadal and his wife, Maria Perello, have brought over a nanny to help take care of son Rafael.

He joked about his performances since becoming a father.

“Well, the first event I play [as] a father without the baby with me, I lost first round,” Nadal joked in Sydney on Wednesday. “Second event, travelling with the baby, I was out of the group stage. At the end I won my last match, but I need to keep improving, no? Easy. We have some help. No problem at all. Just I need to organise a little bit my life, as everybody needs to do when you have a child in your life.”

With Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic not participating, Rafael Nadal will take center stage among the men. He has a lot to live up to: Last year he was perfect Down Under, winning an Australian Open warm-up event, and then the Australian Open itself. It seems possible that 2023 could be Rafa’s last, or next-to-last, season; he’ll turn 37 in June, and he was sidelined with injury for months at a time in 2022. He’ll play his first match on the 31st, against Cam Norrie.

He is Nadal, and not many people really expected him to win the Australian Open. It was just seen as a step on a path back to fitness that would likely, and did, result in another Roland Garros win.

When he was two sets down to Daniil Medvedev in the Australian Open final, it looked next to impossible for him to turn it around. Impossible is nothing to Nadal, though, and it was him who was left lifting the winner’s trophy at the end of the fifth set.

Nadal broke again to lead 6-5 and held at love to win his second Australian Open 7-5 in the fifth in a tournament he wasn’t even sure he could play to break the tie for the majors record at 21. He was not to be denied!

Sounds like a Hollywood movie but no scriptwriter would write this because the writer could never imagine this happening even in a movie! The story would seem too improbable.

PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s wife Maria Francisca Perello and son Rafa watch a practice session at Sydney’s Olympic Park

VIDEO: Rafa says he doesn’t understand why there is speculation about his retirement

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    • Baby Rafa is a Big Boy! I don’t know if it’s because Meri Is so tiny but she has an armful with him and he’s only two months old! He must be a good eater! What a cutie… just love seeing Rafa with his complete family! 🙏🙏❤️❤️ & best wishes for successful AO !

  1. Lovely to see Mother & Child, courtside.

    Saw photos of Baby Rafael – he even had a Mona Lisa smile being carried by Rafa, very charming indeed. After all, his birthday is October the 8th. Can see the Libran charm already at 2 months plus!

    GO DADDY, or is it PAPÁ!

  2. Best comment ever, Rafa. The PRESS thinks you are near retirement because, as always, the feed the lies. You have always said, your body will tell you when it’s time to retire – nothing else. Why in the world would ANYONE think you should/might retire when you are still NUMBER TWO IN THE WORLD? HELLO? And what the heck is up with the social media cover up of the warm up video stating “sensitive content”?! I’m so over social media. But I digress… wishing for all the best for you with baby Rafael in tow in Australia! Vamos Rafa!

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