Rafa Roundup: Burglars target Nadal’s home where he lives with wife Maria Francisca Perello

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On Tuesday, a local paper in Ibiza published extracts of hand-written notes seized at one of the suspect’s homes which includes the names of Messi and Nadal as well as those of Real Madrid legends Guti and Fernando Hierro and former Spanish PM Jose Maria Aznar.

The notebook, mentioned in a police report leaked to respected Ibizan newspaper Diario de Ibiza, said: ‘PortoCristo. Nadal Mallorca’ in reference to the stunning £3m beachfront home where the tennis star lives with wife and mum-to-be Mery Perello.

“I did not know that Rafa Nadal was going to be a father but then he is a future spectator of ‘Padre no hay más que uno 3’. I wish Rafa Nadal that he is less injured in fatherhood than in tennis and that he takes it with joy,” Segura said.

“I think he will be a great father. In the end, we all screw up as parents, but there is something that cures everything, which is love and doing everything with good intentions.”

“I feel fortunate that I was able to play across different generations, that I was able to be on the same court as my heroes that I looked up to like Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras and then go on and compete against three of the greatest tennis players our sport has ever seen in Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic,” he said.

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Rafa Nadal: “In team sports you have a coach who is the club. Hire a coach and the player is paid too. But the coach is the boss. In our sport, I am the one who pays the coach, the physical trainer, the physical therapist. In the end, you are the boss. If you don’t make all those people around you feel they have the freedom to say things, whether they are good or bad, without putting your job at risk, you are not allowing yourself to be helped. If you do not have the humility to listen to the things that you do not like so much, it is difficult for you to continue on the right path.” (via sportskeeda.com)


  1. How scary! I hope Rafa takes extra steps to protect his family and property. Best wishes to Rafa and his lovely wife always, stay healthy and safe!❤️

    • Very frightening. There are not only burglars but obsessive fans as well. One woman in particular makes a lot of trips to Mallorca and is basically stalking Rafa. She seems jealous of Maria. Please Rafa’s security team take this seriously and protect our champion and precious Maria. Sending lots of love 💞

  2. That’s awful. There’ve been a lot of burglaries at Premier League footballers’ properties, some of them whilst family members were in. Very frightening. Hopefully the Nadals have beefed up their security systems.

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