Rafa Roundup: Wilander doesn’t care who wins the GOAT race between Nadal and Djokovic


After a nearly three-year wait, the National Bank Open presented by Rogers makes its official return at full capacity and will once again welcome fans in Montréal to the IGA Stadium (August 5 to 14). To mark the occasion, the tournament will have the privilege of presenting exceptional draws, as the vast majority of the members of the ATP Top 50 are slated to compete!

In Montréal, the legendary Rafael Nadal, who holds the men’s all-time record of 22 Grand Slam crowns, will be in action. He has raised five winner’s trophies in Canada and is the current titleholder of the men’s event in Montréal. The Spaniard will be out to equal Ivan Lendl’s record of six Canadian Open titles set in 1989.  

“Well, I mean, on paper it means Federer at 20, Novak on 21 and Rafa at 22 and I would have said a couple of years ago numbers were very important but it seems like the last couple of years, we have to start talking about momentum in their careers,” Wilander told Eurosport.

“Should this really matter in the end, who wins the GOAT race? Who is the greatest of all time? All three have had their three or four years when they have dominated. Now they’re going back and forth with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic so we we’re just so privileged to be a part of it. To me personally, I don’t care who end up with the most Slams. We are going to define this as best three tennis players on the men’s side of the sport.”

“I want Nadal to be the best, but Djokovic looks very strong, maybe physically fresher,” Murguruza told Marca. “Among the men, there are three aliens, and the others are very good, but there is a big difference.”

In the interview, Garbine Muguruza says Rafael Nadal has personally reached out to her before to encourage her to remain strong through her struggles.

“It hurts [to watch Nadal play],” she said. “He is suffering but he has the ability to endure pain and takes it to the extreme and on top of that, he wins.”

In a recent press conference, Spain’s professional padel player Paquito Navarro expressed his astonishment at Nadal’s achievement at Roland Garros.

“I see impossible what Rafa Nadal has done. It doesn’t fit in my head that someone has won the Roland Garros title 14 times and the ones that remain because it seems that each time is the last and it’s not. All the admiration in the world. Rafa is a benchmark, an idol, and now stepping on this track, what he imposes and what makes you tense to play with the entire stands in Paris, gives him even more merit. He has achieved an impossible,” Navarro said.

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  1. “I want Nadal to be the best, but Djokovic looks very strong, maybe physically fresher,” Murguruza told Marca.
    Isn’t she a Spaniard? I hope Rafa wasn’t offended.

    Heal up Rafa and come out winning. Best to you.

    • Dear Margo,

      Garbine Muguruza simply spoke her mind. She spoke the truth taking into consideration the ages of both players, history and frequency of injuries, playing styles etc, etc

      Please do not crucify her for speaking the obvious truth

  2. May you be well and don’t forget to enjoy holidays and outings with friends and relatives.
    Much love from me sweetie ! I’m Kerri, (female) {{67 years old}} and I do my best to see ALL your games.
    Keep healthy and happy !

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