Rafael Nadal: “I have to keep working, be humble, even when things are not going well” [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal progresses to the third round of The Championships and speaks on court after his victory over Ricardas Berankis.

Every day is a challenge. All opponents are difficult and you are playing the best players of the world and in these conditions – I didn’t play much on grass in three years. “It gives me the chance to keep going, so very happy for that. I need to improve. The fourth set was much better – a good level of tennis, the serve worked much better and I was able to play more aggressive with the forehand. In the beginning I was making too many mistakes. I have to keep working, be humble, even when things are not going well.


Match Highlights:

Press Conference:

No, no, no paranoia at all. Reality. That’s the thing. A good friend of mine today had to pull out, Roberto Bautista, with another case. When this kind of stuff happens it’s because probably a lot of cases are around. I am not doing many things. Just staying here and staying in the house, not going out at all anymore. That’s part of this challenging world that we are facing the last couple of years. I am not saying that we are not doing the things the proper way because at some point we need to open everything again, we need to be free, have a normal life. It looks like now the COVID is less dangerous in terms of creating very dangerous health problems. At the same time, when you open, these kind of things can happen.

Rafa on taking extra care with COVID scare at Wimbledon


  1. A true champion in real sense Rafa…win or loss doesn’t make a difference to his stature…he’s the real GOAT notwithstanding the debate

  2. I love Rafa for his humility and persona . Yes, this match was tough as was the previous match as Rafa is not playing at his highest level on the grass . Personally , I would like Rafa to play more serve and volley tennis and also take 2nd service returns closer to the baseline to keep his opponents quessing . At any rate , Rafa advances and hopefully improves his play well enough to compete for this title . I have my fingers crossed . No question , his physical presence is imposing and he looks to be playing pain free, and moving wrll which is definitely worth mentioning .

  3. To use the word “paranoia” in his question to Rafa shows the reporter’s ignorance. Glad Rafa gave him the educated response that there is probably a high incidence of COVID in the area because of the positive-tested pullouts. Ggeeezzzz What a knucklehead.

  4. Dear Rafa, your character is a plus factor for your WIN. You are humble enough to say you need to improve in every match and you always acknowledge your short coming. It is the character of a true Winner. Moreover, your good spirit to fight and fight until the end makes you a Winner indeed. Well done!

  5. He’s having so much fun playing these matches. You can really tell he’s in a good place both mentally and physically. Keep it up Rafa. W or L you’re the king of tennis.

  6. LOVE Rafa!!!! I wish him continued good health and success. He is an inspiration on and off the court. Such a great role model for younger people and even older people! Good luck Rafa… love seeing you play and hearing your wise words.

  7. I really don’t care if Rafa wins or not, I just want him to be healthy on all levels.

    No,I am not taking on a defeatist’s attitude, I am just clear on where my priorities lie. Health underpins all of life’s activities. Enjoying the love of people closest to you, family life, company of friends – tick. Fame, fortune – you cannot even chase this if you’re not well physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – the last, most of all.

    Our Rafa is very spiritual.

  8. So patient with these questions, Rafa. Keep improving and gaining confidence. You are so right-Covid is not over and is reality. Best of luck in next round 👏💪👍🤛🍀🎾❤️

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