Wimbledon 2022: Friday practice photos

Here are a few photos of Rafael Nadal from Friday’s practice session in London.


  1. Rafa, keep believing. One day at a time, do your best is all I would ever hope for in each match. People have no idea of what you endure during or with your injuries. So if fans cannot support you through thick and thin, sunshine and rain, well they are not true fans. Buena Suerte v Sonego. ☘☘🇪🇦🇪🇦❤❤

  2. Dear God, give Rafa your anointing, blessing and favor as he plays tonight. Release on him your strength, power, might and wisdom to play excellently. We put our faith and trust in you alone Father God to help him Win R3 match ALL for the glory of your name. Keep his feet and body healthy and strong,refreshed and rejuvenated by the Holy Spirit all the time. GOD, we offer Rafa’sbody to you to enjoy playing on grass. To give joy, fun and inspiration to all spectators, in Jesus name. Amen SHALOM 3

    • Beautiful prayer!!! I so appreciate this!! I have been praying God send someone to touch our dear Rafa’s heart and open it to knowing Him. It broke my heart recently when I learned Rafa is agnostic. Interestingly, Novak D. IS a believer- wouldn’t it be just like God to use Novak to bring Rafa to Him? I echo your prayer and pray daily for our champ who has everything going for him with this one exception. Imagine what he could be WITH Jesus, too. Vamos Rafa!!♥️♥️🎾🎾

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