VIDEO: Nadal wins in four sets to begin Wimbledon campaign – match highlights, hot shot, interview

Rafael Nadal continues his bid for an improbable calendar-year Grand Slam by fighting off Francisco Cerundolo to win 6-4 6-3 3-6 6-4 on Centre Court.

Hot Shot:

Rafa on his health after practicing with Covid withdrawal Matteo Berrettini on Thursday:

“It is difficult to be a close contact when you are outside and when you are practising. It’s just that in the outdoors, things look like historically they are more difficult. But anything can happen, no? For the moment I am feeling great, no problems at all. The main thing is I feel very sorry for him because he was playing fantastically, winning two tournaments before this tournament started. He’s a very good colleague on tour. We know each other well. I know how sad he will probably feel today? So I am sorry for him and wish him a quick recovery. If I am not wrong, Matteo has been sick for a couple of days. He was unlucky the last couple of months, without a doubt.”


  1. Rafa beating Cerundola was a very good contest and win . Cerundola was very much competitive from the start and Rafa had to reach deep down a break to get the 4th set turnaround as this match was very much getting too close to call . Much praise to Francisco who has a bright present and future ahead . He really has all the tools to become a solid champion . Rafa moves on and likely appreciates being tested early and gets fine tuned for the next match . I hope to see Rafa playing more Serve and Volley grass court tennis as he really excels at this skill but doesn’t employ it enough on a regular basis .Perhaps , Rafa is being careful with his foot but I think this really needs to be used regularly to advance to the title as it makes Rafa almost unbeatable on his serve .

  2. Following is an excerpt from an AP article.

    “Keep in mind, too, that this might very well be Djokovic’s last major event of this season — and for 11 more months, until the 2023 French Open.”

    One less dangerous opponent for Rafa. I am bummed about Berrettini testing positive though and I wasn’t worried about Cilic since he recently had a meltdown.

  3. Given that Rafa was a bit rusty, not having played on grass for three years and faced with a resilient and confident opponent with a crushing forehand, Rafa did well to get the win.

    It’s sad that players have exited through covid and injury but on the plus side, the draw has opened up for Rafa. He’ll only get better, as the tournament progresses and he plays himself into form.

  4. Why exactly are we still putting people through this (testing)? Makes no sense when it’s all but gone now and we know exactly how to treat it and it’s not such a problem as originally made out to be. We must move on from this ridiculousness. That said… Rafa will be fine! 🙂

    • There isn’t any mandatory testing this year. Presumably Matteo and Marin both felt unwell, and decided to test themselves. Alize Cornet’s claimed that some of the female players have got Covid but are keeping quiet and playing on. Unless you feel ill, there’s nothing to stop you from doing that, apart from personal integrity – concern that you may pass it on to a vulnerable person.

    • Daffodils… “…it’s all but gone now…,” REALLY? Please don’t come here to spread disinformation.

      And if “…it’s not such a problem as originally made out to be,” Rafa would not have decided to be vaccinated nor would ND been booted out of Australia for not being vaccinated.

  5. I pray that Rafa must not fall ill due to Covid or for other factors. I admire his ingenuity on court while dealing with opponents- he is the greatest tactical player with so much innovative play and tenacity.
    Vamps Rafa – have been your fan since 2004. Hope you win a calendar Slam this year.

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