Rafael Nadal Confirms He’ll Be A Father, Plans To Play Wimbledon

(Reuters) – Rafael Nadal said on Friday that he intends to compete at Wimbledon later this month when he will attempt to win a record-extending 23rd Grand Slam title.

After winning both the Australian and French Opens this year, Nadal, who turned 36 earlier this month, told a news conference that the pain in his injured foot has eased and he will travel to London on Monday to start his preparation for the tournament.

“I’m happy, I haven’t been limping for a week,” Nadal, who won Wimbledon in 2008 and 2010, told a news conference in Mallorca.

“I have noticed changes with the treatment, still have strange sensations, sometimes I can’t feel my foot, but the pain that did not allow me to support my weight on my foot has subsided.”

Nadal explained that he intends to travel to London on Monday and he will assess how he is feeling after a week of training and exhibition matches.

“My intention is to play Wimbledon, but it will all depend on what happens with my body this next week,” Nadal said.

“I’m without pain for a week and have been practising, so it tells me there may be a chance to play in the tournament.”

Nadal said last month in Paris that he had played Roland Garros with pain-killing injections prior to each match, but does not want to repeat that at other tournaments.

The issue, which forced him to take five months off in 2021, returned in Rome prior to the French Open, after he came back in May from a six-week injury break.

Nadal has not played Wimbledon since 2019 when he reached the semi-finals. The tournament was not held the following year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and he missed the 2021 edition due to injury.

He last reached the Wimbledon final 11 years ago, when he finished runner-up to Novak Djokovic.

“I haven’t played on grass for three years and I have to adapt, every day I have been recovering sensations and feeling better. I have a week left before playing and I have to test myself little by little,” Nadal said.

“Advancing in the first rounds is crucial. If you advance, you pick up the pace to reach the end. You have to survive no matter what.”

Nadal also confirmed that his wife Mery Perello is pregnant with their first child.

“If everything goes well, I’m going to be a father. I’m not used to talking about my private life. We live more peacefully with a lower profile. I don’t expect that my life will change much with it,” he said.

“At the moment all has worked well for me and I am not a friend of changing what works well. My intention is to play Wimbledon, rest, then Canada and then be ready for the US Open.”

Source: Reuters


  1. CONGRATULATIONS Rafa and Maria. 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊God bless you both. Super duper Happy you will be playing at Wimbledon. All your hard work has paid off. Stay blest stay healthy, dear Rafa. 🤗🤗

  2. Life has been gracious for you this year but only through your hard work
    and pain. Joy in whatever comes!!!!!! Vamos

    • Huge congrats to you and your wife. A baby will change your life in more ways than you can imagine. I hope you go well at Wimbledon. You’re a fine man and that’s the most important thing.

  3. Oh Rafa and Maria and family!!!!! I’m soooo happy for you all!!!! It’s about time me amigo!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  4. My favourite comment from his interview is that he doesn’t think his life will change much with the arrival of a baby – ha!! Rafa your life will change COMPLETELY and in ways you can’t even imagine and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it all! Congratulations and am hopeful that you will compete at Wimbledon.

  5. So happy for you both👏 Best of luck at Wimbledon. I’ll be rooting you on as I always do!!

    • What amazes most is the level of tennis you are playing despite your foot and all this time. Amazing. Look forward to watch you for many more years to come.

  6. I am so happy for you Rafa..congrats to both you,
    and your lovely wife! Can’t wait for baby Rafa or
    if it’s a girl, a sweet little darling. Hope your foot
    gets 100% so we can see you in Wimbledon!

  7. Rafael Nadal-double congratulations🎊we are happy that your foot has responded positively to treatment.
    Secondly, such exciting news that you and Mery will be parents. The wonderful news is yours to share;
    the paps are too intrusive. We wanted to hear it from you. Enjoy these times, Rafa. We send you the best of luck and good health. Thank you for your inspiring courage; your spectacular results teach us to never
    give up. 🙏👏🍀🎾❤️

  8. Te d seo lo mejor Rafa, me alegro de tu recuperación, que tengas mucha suerte!!

  9. This is the most ecstatic news Rafa can give himself and his fans. If you don’t try, you cannot even hope, but he always gives himself hope and therefore he gives all his fans all over the world the same hope. Crossing fingers that everything goes well for him in the next week. Finally, HUGE congrats to Rafa and Mery for their bundle of joy that is coming soon. 2022 has been a really fantastic year for Rafa. Let’s hope it keeps going! Vamos Rafa! 🙂

  10. Great news all around about his family. Wimbledon, Montreal and New York.

    He mentioned elsewhere about playing a couple of matches next week. I recall that Rafa played an exhibition or two in London in 2018 or 19 prior to Wimbledon.

    Not to be negative but Rafa is quoted at tennis365.com that he has had the foot fall asleep. That could be dangerous. So fingers crossed on that.

    Good luck Rafa!

    • Hurlingham. It used to be a knock-out format but it might be just a collection of exhibition matches this year, not sure yet. Ruud and Alcaraz already signed up, I’ve read Djokovic is playing too.
      Hopefully Rafa’s foot “settles down” soon.

  11. Wonderful news about Rafa and Mery becoming parents! And I am happy that he will play Wimbledon and come to Canada!
    Stay safe and healthy Rafa and Mery!

  12. Congratulations, great news now it is officially declared by Rafa. Now paparazzi please leave Rafa and Mery alone in their private lives. Find some other stories to blaze across the world..if ye have any respect or slightest bit of decency for this couple, be professional and let them alone.

  13. First I have to say: congrats to both Rafa and Maria.
    As for competing at Wimbledon, would really like him to attempt the Calendar Slam.
    I’m confident he can win the US Open, but Wimbledon we’ll see.
    Please Rafa, go for your 23rd GS title and 3rd Wimby that’s long overdue for you to win.
    Fingers cross and let’s all pray for Rafa to win this.

    VAMOS Rafa. No 1 to us all.

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