Rafa Roundup: Maria Francisca Perello and Rafael Nadal’s baby’s gender reportedly revealed

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“At this mid-point of the year, the Race standings are really pretty reliable, and more indicative of who is in top form,” Gilbert said. “Nadal obviously is ranked No. 4 in the ATP only because of how little he played last year (Nadal missed both Wimbledon and the US Open with injury).”

Nadal has been the victim of a ranking system designed to encourage players to compete. The ATP rankings are based on a rolling, 52-week body of data. Each week, a player’s accumulated rankings points replace the points he earned that same week a year ago. The more points a player accumulates in that 52-week window, the higher his ranking.

The top point earner in any year finishes atop the Race, and is also honored as the year-end No. 1. Then he begins the new year as the top dog, but he’s still yoked to the same rolling tally as his peers—and under pressure to defend his large cache of points.

Betty Scott: “Below is Rafa’s speech to this year’s graduating class of RNA. How amazing is it that these kids are not only being taught to be world class tennis players, but also respectful adults. (Two strike rule for smashing racquets there –first time warning, next time dismissal.) Not to get into the overdone and tedious GOAT debate, but IMHO anyone draped with the Greatest of all Time mantle should be a real role model and have made a beneficial contribution to the sport as a whole. I agree with the Rolex ad — it’s about more than numbers. Rafael Nadal is inspirational.”

A pesar del secretismo, Ultima Hora ha podido saber en exclusiva que la pareja espera un niño y que Xisca está embarazada de cinco meses. Eso sí, esta información no ha pillado por sorpresa al entorno de la pareja, que ya conocía la buena noticia desde hace semanas. [According to Ultima Hora’s sources, Rafael Nadal’s wife Maria Francisca Perello is five months pregnant. The happy couple are expecting a boy.]

“So Nadal goes on to win. I don’t know how he does it, he said he took some painkilling injections. I’m no Doctor, I don’t know exactly what they are. People, you know, there are conspiracy theorists now coming out in the tennis world. There’s one conspiracy that Nadal is doping, he’s taking some sort of drug,” McEnroe said.

“Look, they test him all the time at the majors and whatever they’re putting in his ankle, I tink it’s just a painkiller. Again, I’m not a doctor, I don’t know exactly what it is, but if it was something that was against the rules he’d be caught,” McEnroe added.

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Is he going to be able to play well on the grass? When he is there, he is very good on grass. We always forget that he has won Wimbledon twice, right? We don’t give him enough credit just because he’s so good on clay.”

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  2. Your baby will be so lucky to have you as a role model, Rafa. Congratulations & I pray for you to be healthy. Tennis will never be the same for me without you. With admiration, Leslie.

    • I can already envision baby Rafa being a good boy while other babies are crying and throwing their bottles! He will not only be born with tennis in his blood but will inherit Rafa’s & Maria’s gentle kind mannerism as well!

  3. “Niño” simply means “child”, unless the child is known to be female, when the word would be “niña”, I think?

  4. ENHORABUENA!! PAPIS por esa bendición de niño qué esperáis, seréis unos padres excelente como sois de personas,

    Mucha salud y bendiciones para vosotros, un abrazo y que todo os vaya bien!!!!

    • Estupendo que serà un nino 😃 como su madre tuvo. En Espana es la tradicion dar el nombre del padre al primer hijo. .serà Rafael? Super that it will .be a boy 😀 as his mother had. In Spain it is the tradition to give the Father s name to the first son. Will it be Rafael ?

      • Maria has to get through her pregnancy safely first and foremost.🙏🏻 Rafa is being cautious in his announcement saying that if all goes well he will be a father. That is so sensible.

        Rafa wasn’t named after his father who is Sebastien. If they have a son it would put extra pressure on him if he becomes a tennis player to carry the name Rafael. I am sure they will choose a name, whether it’s a boy or a girl, that is meaningful in their families and that they both love.

  5. Rafa has just finished his press conference in Mallorca – he is coming to London on Monday with the intention of playing Wimbledon but will announce later that week if his foot will allow him to compete. Fantastic news. Vamos

  6. We have the news confirmed straight from the GOAT’s mouth: Maria is pregnant. Rafa has not revealed her due date nor the gender. It sounds as if he wishes to keep that private for now. Overjoyed for them and wishing them both much good health and happiness.💞

  7. According to PuntodeBreak Rafa announced he is going to London on Monday. He practiced with Feliciano Lopez for 2 hours today in front of everyone.

  8. So happy for Rafa and Xisca. But i think Rafa is not happy with that daily news about the pregnancy.

    • I don’t think it’s very nice of the paparazzi to take photos of someone in a swimming costume, on a private yacht, and use them to speculate about a pregnancy. But I suppose everyone was going to find out some time, so hopefully they’re OK about it.

      • Yes, I think they are used to the paparazzi when they are under el sol 🌞 in Mallorca on the boat ⛵🏊 the photos are always good for us to see. Thèse of Holà! 😀 are lovely. If they have officially announced the news of the boy child they must have wanted to 😀 let us know. The Spanish press have stated correctly . Yes, Rafael is a family name, it may be a Rafael. Now they can relax , their next hols. under the sun 🌞will .be after Wimbledon

  9. Most glad and very happy at thesame time about your “Baby” María+Rafa, our Lord bless you being healthy enough and having much peace, from The Canaries, C. Javier

  10. I’m not sure how she can be 5 months along, because, IIRC, she didn’t travel to Australia. Maybe 4 months? Oh well, never mind! Boy or girl, this will be a very lucky baby. So pleased for them both.

    • 🤣😂…Yeah how did that happen! It’s going to be a baby boy! Little RJ… he will have tennis in his DNA! If I could give the baby his first gift it would be a
      Sleeveless shirt with little white pirate pants with a headband! Now we need to start picking out names for them! How about Nico Rafael Nadal! Can’t wait to see Rafa a papa! So exciting!

  11. So thrilled for you two, Rafa and Maria!
    May God’s Blessings overflow on you and your family always. Peace and Love

    Georgina & Roy

  12. So happy for you, Rafa. A live Trophy for you: one you will cherish most. Congratulations! We love you

    Roy and Georgina Vigilance

  13. Congratulations Maria and Rafa! May God bless you both with a healthy beautiful baby. Health and peace to all of you. Love you, Mary Lynn

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