Rafael Nadal Is Going To Be A Dad

According to Spanish magazine Hola!, Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello are expecting their first child. The exclusive pictures leave no room for doubt. His wife Mery reveals her new maternity silhouette in a swimsuit.

The alarms went off at the Roland Garros tournament, where Rafa was able to win his 14th French Open title and 22nd Grand Slam. Even though Rafa made history, all eyes were on his wife, Mery, and her ‘suspicious’ change of style. She was wearing comfortable and loose looks, such as the wide lingerie cut dress that she wore in the stands during the final.

The tennis champion has previously opened up about his plans to start a family, revealing to Hola! in March 2018 that “obviously, I intend and want to form a family,” he said. “I love children and I would like them to do what they want in life.’”

The Spanish couple have yet to publicly confirm the pregnancy news.

Source: hola.com


  1. “CHEERFUL NEWS” SO Happy for the “Three” of you. Congratulations 🎊 from ALMIGHTY GOD and me

  2. Congratulations Rafael Nayadal 🎊
    I am sure your little one will be a born Champion 🏆

  3. Wonderful news for the two!!! A little sad for me though. Rafa always said beginning a family would come when he’s close to retirement!!! Fingers crossed he’ll thrill us with his play a few more times!!

    • Congrats Rafael on baby news! I agree with the previous comment, I hope you continue to give us one more season/year of great tennis. You’re a great champion. Thanks for the entertainment! You’ve always been my favorite male tennis player!

  4. The Spanish press are reporting that Mery is 5 months along and the baby is a boy … which makes no sense, because she didn’t go with him to Australia so she can’t possibly be 5 months along. Maybe 4 months? That would mean Rafa junior arriving in November 🙂 .

  5. Naughty naughty Rafa! What happened to the family planning? Couldn’t keep your hands off wifey that’s what! Hahaha congratulations champ! Baby will be beautiful and you will be an amazing daddy. God bless you and your family.

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