Uncle Toni says Rafael Nadal will start preparing for Wimbledon from Monday

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(AFP) – Toni Nadal said on Saturday nephew Rafael looks on track to play Wimbledon as treatment continues on the world number four’s foot problem.

Rafa, who won his 14th Roland Garros title last weekend in Paris, has been undergoing treatment for a nerve problem in his left foot which has left him playing in pain for years.

Last week, the 36-year-old Spaniard said he got through the pain, caused by Muller-Weiss syndrome, a rare and degenerative condition affecting bones in the feet, at the French Open only through injections and painkillers before each match.

“Yes, Rafael plays in Wimbledon,” the elder Nadal said at the ATP Stuttgart grass event.

“He is planning to train on the sidelines of the Mallorca Open from Monday.”

Toni Nadal indicated the treatment seems to be working.

“When we talked yesterday, he said it’s going much better. He wants to train,” he added.

“If he has a small chance, he will play at Wimbledon.”

The tournament’s first round starts on June 27.


  1. @David Holtzman – You are most welcome, David. And thank you for correcting me with the rankings. Indeed, Djokovic has slipped to #3 behind Medvedev and Zverev. In spit of this, Djokovic will be the top seed at Wimbledon, while Rafa will be the number two seed. Now, it’s my turn to slightly correct your statement. Please note that Rafa is still carrying 50% of his SF points that he earned at Wimbledon 2019. So, he will lose 360 points at the end of Wimbledon 2022 regardless of his performance at the event. Still, Rafa will overtake Djokovic in rankings on 11th July who is set to lose 2000 points at the end of Wimbledon.

    I read somewhere that it is “Pointless” (with the pun intended) to participate in Wimbledon this year.

    • The ATP Rankings System has become so complicated since Covid. I have tried but still struggle to understand it. I am pleased and relieved that Rafa will be seeded number two though; so he won’t have to face Djokovic before the Final, if they both reach the Final and if Rafa is able to play.

      It was Osaka who said it would be “pointless” Najam, when she told the Press at the French Open that she would not be playing at Wimbledon. (I suspect her decision had rather more to do with her lack of confidence on grass.) I think she should have played for the experience. She had nothing to lose by doing so, with no points at stake.

  2. Najam- thanks for the history lesson ion Rafa’s history at Wimbledon. Amazingly close matches.

    BTW way Djokovic will drop to no. 3 on Monday, not No. 2. After Wimbledon Djokovic will drop another 2000 points no matter how he finishes in 2022. He will be out of the top 5.

    Rafa will not gain or drop any points since he did not play Wimbledon in 2021.

    As long as Rafa is healthy and able to play Rafa will have a seeding advantage for the U.S. open. However since Djokovic will drop so much they could still end up on the same side of the draw.

    • David, I just checked with the CDC and ND is not eligible to enter the US as of now. Unless the rules change, he won’t be able to enter the US to play at the OPEN.

  3. This is a great news that Nadal would start his preparation for Wimbledon (SW19) – hope all goes well despite his injuries.

    Contrary to the general perception that he may not have good chances on Grass, Nadal has actually done remarkably well on grass with a high career winning percentage of 78% on grass, featuring in 5 Wimbledon finals in his 5 consecutive appearances (2006 to 2011) winning two titles, and reaching two consecutive SF in his last two appearances in 2018 & 2019 losing only to Djokovic and Federer respectively. He had ample chances to beat Djokovic in 2018 but unfortunately couldn’t capitalize on them.

    And whenever Nadal lost in the early rounds at Wimbledon, he lost to the players who actually played out of their skins on that particular day (lost to Lukas Rosol in 2012 in 5 very close sets; lost to Darcis in 2013 in 3 extremely close sets; lost to Nick Kyrgios in 2014 in 4 extremely close sets while Kyrgios firing 37 aces; lost to Dustin Brown in 2015 in 4 very close sets when D. Brown played at an unbelievable level especially at the nets; lost to Gilles Mueller in 2017 in 5 extremely close sets especially the final marathon set which Nadal lost 13-15 (the 5th set alone was played for 2 hours and 15 minutes).

    All the matches he lost at Wimbledon, he went down fighting till the end without any luck. With a bit of better luck on key points, Nadal could have won those matches.

    Anyways, Djokovic will drop to ATP#2 losing out his #1 ranking to Medvedev tomorrow. Still, Djokovic will be the top-seed at Wimbledon due to the absence of Medvedev. Since Zverev will also be absent due to his unfortunate injury, Nadal will be the #2 seed at SW19. This means that Nadal and Djokovic will not be projected to meet before the Final at Wimbledon.

    Nadal has had his fair bit of tough luck on recent draws at AO and RG. Now, according to the law of averages, it’s time for Djokovic to have a tougher draw at SW19. I wouldn’t be surprised if Djokovic is handed over a tough draw this time facing the likes of Nick Kyrgios and Andy Murray in the early rounds during the first week at Wimbledon. Both Kyrgios and Murray are currently playing on grass at a level that can take down any big names at SW19.

  4. I live 15 min by foot from Wimbledon Centre Court and it would be a dream come true to see our beloved Rafa play in my home place 🙏
    The way he has been making the impossible possible in 2022 so far makes me seriously dream about him winning all four slams this year ….
    Vamos dear Rafa – your fans will be right behind you all the way ♥️!

    Sent from my iPad

    • Nice! 🙏 that happens for you & Rafa! I too believe he could win all four slams! This could be his blowout year! The way Rafa won against ND and with Sascha still injured in reality it could happen! Also Rafa is learning how to cope with his foot pain! I’ve heard that Roger will be back for Wimbleton but I don’t know if that’s official or not!

      • Sorry, but Roger will not be back for Wimbledon this year. He’ll play only Laver Cup and Basel. But he is planning a comeback next year. I wish him the best of luck – unless he’s playing Rafa, of course!

  5. That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear. I hope Uncle Toni knows what he is talking about.

    One of the published doctor interviews answered my question on why inactivity is so bad for Rafa’s foot. As I understand it, if Rafa is active, as in playing tennis, the foot can gradually adjust day by day. This can’t happen if he is inactive such as when he had to take it easy due to the rib fracture.

    Go Rafa!

  6. Wimbledon 2020 becomes 2022 for me…I will be overjoyed if I see Rafa again in a few weeks.🙏
    All the best always, Rafa.❤️ Vamos💪

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