Rafael Nadal Gets High Praise From Roger Federer

Roger Federer has his first public words on Rafael Nadal’s 14th Roland-Garros and 22th Grand Slam tournament, after he sent a private message to congratulate our champion.

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I didn’t watch the final, I watched the quarter-final against Djokovic a bit before I went to sleep.

In general, it’s just unbelievable what Rafa has achieved. The record of Pete Sampras, which I beat, was 14 Grand Slam titles. Now Rafa won the French Open 14 times. That’s unbelievable.

I was happy for him that he did it again. Hats off to Rafa. After the tenth, eleventh time, I already thought: This can’t be. He keeps raising the bar. It’s gigantic.

Roger Federer

We might see Fedal in action at the Laver Cup (in September) since Federer has named the Laver Cup and the Basel as the only events he will likely play in 2022.

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  1. Fully agree art love the grand friendship ‘tween Federer & Nadal. It is possible bec of their mutual love of the game of tennis & their totally mutual respect for each other as tennis players & ambassadors of the sport. What is marvelous is that they genuinely like & enjoy each other…a pricelesd gift to each of them from the other!

  2. No one denies that ND is a great player. But bizarre beliefs in alternate “science”, and decisions that endanger others are not acceptable. When his mother shouted, “the king is dead” because ND beat Roger,
    it was disgusting.

  3. Definitely polite and politically correct comments from RF. I expect nothing less. I do wish Rafa’s core fan base would have a more global and accepting opinion of Nole. I will always root for Rafa when/if the two ever meet, but the Djoker should be given his dues. He is an amazing player. Vamos, Rafa!

    • Kirk, I understand your hope for a more “accepting opinion” of Nole from Rafa fans. No one doubts his great play. But what attracts people to Rafa (and, his competitors like Roger) is his class and humble nature, especially when it comes to talking about other players. One small example…prior to the QF between Rafa and Novak, Nole was asked about the upcoming match (before his opponent was known). He said that he “liked his chances against either opponent.” In a similar situation, Rafa would have said, his opponent is a top player…it will take a supreme effort for him to win…it will be a very tough battle…he would never say “he liked his chances!” Always respects his opponents. Hard for many of us Rafans to like Novak. Respect him, yes. Like him, no.

      • Larry (and Isabel) – Your opinions are terrific, and I don’t disagree there are differences in personalities. I would hazard a guess, though, that pure RF fans look at Rafa’s quirky and unorthodox personal habits in much the same way that pure Rafa fans view Nole’s. I just say ‘treat others the way you (rhetorically speaking) would want to be treated.’ Be accepting of others. That is how Rafa frames his opinions when asked to talk about ND. Vamos, Rafa.

  4. Wow! What a lovely gesture for his biggest Rival…That should be a lesson for Egotistic Djoker. Btw where is Maria the big hater of Rafa from Snake island 🏝️???😂😂😂

    • Probably still crying buckets drowning all her sorrows 😅😅 I know you’re reading this Maria from Snake Island. Here’s more tissue for you. Stop crying now 😅😅

  5. You cannot buy class. This is a friendship built upon rivalry, so it is special. The stats recall the epic battles.
    But, there are lingering moments of their kindness and generosity-all those autographs and selfies. If you were there, you will not forget them. The Nadal and Federer families raised outstanding citizens of the world.
    We are blessed to witness their achievements-enjoy Roger and Rafa as long as they wish to continue-it is a privilege❤️

  6. Federer’s words are the ultimate compliment to Rafa . They really are on each other’s side . I love it 🥁

  7. This is why I love both Rafa and Roger. They both respect each other, and the love of tennis too. Roger being a true gentleman and congratulating Rafa for his 14th RG and 22nd GS title.
    I get the feeling there will be a 23rd GS title coming in the near future, I hope.

    I am a fan of both Rafa and Roger, but Rafa more. FEDAL forever.

    • I have the greatest respect and admiration for Roger but Rafa is very special. Rafa has been and remains my favourite player of all time and I have been following tennis closely since 1967. Roger and Rafa have both been standout ambassadors and role models for Men’s Tennis throughout their long and illustrious careers.

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