VIDEO: Nadal back in French Open final after injured Zverev stops – match highlights

Watch as a stunning winner seals the first set for Rafael Nadal after Alexander Zverev’s early dominance at French Open.

Alexander Zverev was forced to retire during his Roland-Garros semi-final against Rafael Nadal after twisting his ankle during the second set. The match had already lasted three hours and looked set to be a classic before Zverev’s heartbreaking injury.

Match highlights:

Hot Shot:


  1. Sad day indeed for Alex. Hope he heals quickly.
    Rafa, Happy Birthday and wishing you a win!

  2. Has everyone gone home?! The court looks about 1/3 full for the 2nd match. Surely anyone who just went out for food and drink or to use the toilets would be back by now (into the 3rd set). Ridiculous.

  3. Excellent play and wonderful competition …..sorry to see it end so quickly. Hard to complete a match to move to final in that way. Rafa knows he was in a dog fight and honored that with his words. Big day Sunday for a very great man . My hopes are with you Rafa that you get what you have worked for so hard and endured so much of pain for. It would be a perfect ending for a champion, plus 22!!!

  4. I feel really sad for Alex as you and him were well matched but you showed good sportsmanship when you hugging him but we were in for a good match anyway

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