Rafael Nadal reaches Roland Garros final as Alexander Zverev retires

The 13-times champion and No. 5 seed, Rafael Nadal reached the final of the French Open on Friday when no. 3 Alexander Zverev retired in the second set. The German could not continue after suffering an injury to his ankle in the last point of the 11th game of the second set. He returned to court on crutches, where he hugged Rafa, before receiving a standing ovation.

Rafa, who is celebrating his 36th birthday today, said:

“Very sad for him [Zverev]. He was playing an unbelievable tournament. I know how much he is fighting to win a grand slam, but for the moment, he was very unlucky. The only thing I know for sure is that he will win not one, but more than one. It’s difficult to say a lot of things, in the situation.”

Our champ, who was leading 7-6(8), 6-6, will face Casper Ruud or Marin Cilic in the final at Roland Garros on Sunday.


  1. So so so heartbreaking for Sacha. It was truly so so sad. I literally cried for him because he was in such agony. As a mom of two sons, it just came naturally when I heard him cry out in pain. Poor boy. So horrible. And Rafa was so kind and caring of him. The rest of the day I felt like the match was “unfinished” – because it was in a way. Regardless, Rafa is through to the final. I think he would have won what was destined to be an INCREDIBLE match anyway. Now Rafa doesn’t have the extra court hours to recover from. I pray Sacha’s injury is not as awful as it looked and that he can recover quickly. I also felt badly when the Umpire gave him a language warning; he clearly was not guilty of that! — On to the final. Vamos, Rafa!

  2. Sad for Zverev and wishing him a quick recovery. Congratulations to Rafa making the final and looking forward to a 14th Roland Garros title and 22nd Grand Slam win. Rafa has been my favourite for numerous years and hope to see him continue for a few years more!

  3. Wow what a crazy tournament this has been. Sasha was playing great. At least Rafa was nominally ahead when it happened. The match could have easily gone to 4 or 5 sets and even five hours plus.

    I sure hope there is no roof for Sunday. Having the roof on today seemed to make everyone miserable.

  4. Unfortunate end to the match. It was an epic battle to that point. Rafa was kind and magnanimous to
    Zverev. Wish Z. the best in his recovery. Happy Birthday, Rafa. 🎂All the best on Sunday.💪🎾🍀❤️

  5. Poor Sacha – that was awful and I know Rafa wouldn’t want to win like that. But he is through to the final for which i am grateful. Rafa can get some rest before Sunday. Sending best wishes to Sacha

  6. I was exhausted and decided to quit watching the match. Then the unthinkable happened.

    So sorry for Sasha….

  7. What a shame. Obviously I wanted Rafa to win, but not like that. Wishing Sascha a speedy recovery, and wishing Rafa a happy birthday and good luck in the final. Hoping that Cilic and Ruud go to 5 very long sets!!

  8. OMG, 😱😟 I did not expect the match to end this way. Zverev was on absolute fire in set 1, and full credit to Rafa for somehow fighting back after weathering the storm. I knew the humid conditions indoors wouldn’t be easy for him but my goodness, Zverev was absolutely brilliant and Rafa was clutch when it mattered. The second was a real tug of war but I believe Rafa had a slim edge. Really unfortunate the match ended this way. Wishing Zverev a speedy recovery.

  9. All the best to Zverev. Get well soon👍👍

    What a match, great fight by both players. Both looked tired and gave all what they have.

    Take rest Rafa and all the best for sunday❤️

  10. Feel sad for Sacha who was playing Well against the champ but feeling awesome that he held in difficult situations against a great opponent… vamos Rafa for number 14 and 22

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