Rafael Nadal On Reaching French Open Final 

“Very tough and very sad for him, honestly, he was playing unbelievable tournament. I know how much he’s fighting to win a Grand Slam but for the moment he was very unlucky. The only thing is I’m sure he’s going to win not one, much more than one and I wish him all the best and a very fast recovery,” said Rafael Nadal on court.

“Had been a super tough match, three hours, and we didn’t even finish the second set. It’s one of the biggest challenges on the tour when he’s playing at this super high level.

“Difficult to say a lot of things today in this situation. Of course, for me, being in the final of Roland-Garros one more time is a dream, without a doubt.

“But at the same time, to finish that way, I’ve been there in a small room with Sascha before we came back on court and to see him crying there is a very tough moment so all the best to him.”

Source: Roland Garros, Tennis Majors


  1. Think we need to enjoy Rafa at Roland Garros before any speculation on Wimby. Too much stress😂
    It is just a pleasure to see Rafa playing after his challenges. Regardless of age, the injuries are prevalent-hope Z. recovers well🙏

  2. Sad for Zverev. This was shaping up to be an EPIC match! Rafa was up for the fight. Hope Alex gets better soon.

    Yup, as much as I love watching Rafa, it’s a great idea to skip Wimbledon, especially with no ranking points being awarded this year.

    With no Zverev or Medvedev, you just know Djoker would be happy to turn up to try and increase his GS numbers. Oh well…

    Wishing you all the best in the final Rafa!

  3. So sorry for Sasha, it was a horrible tumble. I read on-line that Rafa will be skipping Wimbledon this year, not really surprised as I read an article years ago where he said that the transition to grass is the most difficult one ot make and with the foot issue probably a good idea to rest up after French Open!

  4. Rafael, you have always said the most touching words about your opponents! Bravo !!!

  5. Rafael , you have always had a good word your opponent ! i am so very proud of you !

  6. Tennis.com reports that Rafa will not play Wimbledon in order to reset his body. It’s better than permanently retiring which was my fear.

    Too bad because he could win Wimbledon but we’ve got to give the guy a break after what we have seen him go through.

    • Marca reported it before Tennis com, but during Rafa’s presser he never mentioned it so it’s just a speculation. But to be honest we all know there are small chances to see Rafa playing on grass with this condition of foot and knowing what he is doing every day with his doctor to just be able to play in Paris.

      • Nadal indeed did not confirm it and i do not trust spanish newspapers. I hope hé will go to london

    • That is a report from marca spanish newspaper i dont believen it untill nadal confirms it

  7. Bad situation but this (sad but true) is life and sport. Rafa knows it, we know it and Sasha knows it too.

    Get well soll Sasha and take rest Rafa and go for it on sunday.

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