Rafael Nadal tired of Novak Djokovic saga

Rafael Nadal looking to put an interrupted year behind him with a successful Australian Open 2022 campaign.

The Australian Open is much more important than any player. If he’s playing, finally, OK. If he’s not playing, the Australian Open will be a great Australian Open, with or without him. That’s my point of view.

I tell you one thing, it’s very clear that Novak Djokovic is one of the best players of the history, but there is no one player in history that’s more important than an event. No one, even Roger, Novak, myself, Bjorn Borg who was amazing at his times, tennis keeps going. If there is any solution, and the solution is the vaccine, that’s it. We need to be vaccinated and the situation needs to be better for the well-being of everyone and for the health of our sport. The Australian Open will be great Australian Open with or without him. That’s my point of view.

Honestly, I’m little bit tired of the situation because I just believe that it’s important to talk about our sport, about tennis. I wish him all the best. I really respect him, even if I do not agree with a lot of things that he did the last couple of weeks.


    • Roger and Rafa have always been classy and have been great representatives of the sport of tennis. The same can not be said for Novak.

    • Novax( his new nickname) finally got the boot! It’s a bit sad but he only sabotages himself! Now back to tennis! No one in tennis is even saying that Rafa has a chance to win his 2nd AO! Just watch him stun everyone & win it! Win or lose Rafa is still thrilling his fans after all these years! ❤🙏🏼and Vamos Rafa!

  1. I really admire Rafa’s sense of proportion. His knowledge that there’s many more important things in the world than tennis and the NoVax/Aussie fiasco.

  2. Only I can is to be a positive person and good luck Rafa vamosssssss champ I’m tired all the drama is in Australia 👍💪❤️🎾👍💪❤️🎾👍💪❤️🎾👍

  3. So interesting ….almost all comments are about right and wrong…not tennis. Rafa is saying that the controversity is not helping tennis. He is correct. If you are wanting to talk politics, go to another site. Best be with you Rafa. I know that you are in this for love of tennis. Enjoy that love!!!!! Vamos.

    • Yes, and that’s what Rafa, Stef Tsitsipas, Andy Murray, Martina Navratilova, Sam Stosur and several others have said. We were all looking forward to a tennis tournament. It’s now been completely overshadowed by an international argument over vaccination and Australian border policies, with ambassadors being summoned and all sorts.

    • Well we are all talking about it because it’s happening now & it’s a big deal~ no doubt that tennis is going to be just fine without Novak Roger & Rafa~ it may never be the same for us diehard fans but sooner than not we will be phazed out ~ the new gen -fans will take over and a new era of tennis will begin ~its happening now! As Rafa has said ~ Its normal! For now ND has the best chance to win more trophies but he is out of control with his behavior. He doesn’t care who he exposes . Australia has set their guidelines & that is to be vaccinated ~ If he doesn’t believe in the vaccines that’s too bad then he shouldn’t play in a country that says you need to be vaccinated. Australian doesn’t need this turmoil~ It’s one country that has fared very well through this deadly pandemic! He should do the right thing & go home! The AO will continue & fourish without him.

  4. Novak’s team all needed to be vaccinated in order to enter the country. Why not Novak? He is being deceptive and subversive. He is am amazing tennis player but he screwed up again and needs to go home and train for the next three opens this year.

  5. I agree Rafa. The majority in ICU wards are the unvaccinated. Novak can believe what he chooses but he knew months ago the iron clad rule. This is tainting tennis

    • Rafa’s a puppet. Your body your choice. Australian is a Socialist County. There way or the highway. Screw them

      • You can not go to another country and not follow their laws, like them or not.Novak will also not be allowed in NY or Wimbledon without a vaccine. Sign of the times , I am afraid. I don’t believe Rafa is a puppet, he is just tired of the drama

  6. Filming for tennis’s version of Netflix’s “Drive to Survive” is underway in Melbourne. All Grand Slams, WTA and ATP are united this time. How much money will they earn? Some players are already filmed during practice like Taylor Fritz. I’m wondering will players earn some money as well? Cause if not, why even bother to talk to Netflix.

    • He did not FALSIFY his application. Where did you hear that? That’s insane. He applied for and received his Visa based on his not receiving the jab. It was originally approved then when he landed in AU it was revoked. They held him against the fact that he HAD a visa and came with the visa. AU TOOK IT away with no warning. If he chooses not to get an experimental drug injected into his body, that is his choice. If they hadn’t issued the Visa in the first place he never would have come to AU. He’s had covid and therefore has more antibodies (and is therefore SAFER to be around) than a “vaccinated” (the vaccines are clearly not even working or they wouldn’t keep moving the goal posts) person shedding virus. Get your information straight and stop believing things (like having the jab keeps everyone safe – bogus) that simply are not scientifically truthful.

      • Would you kindly refrain from telling other people what to believe? Over 90% of people in intensive care with Covid in the UK are unvaccinated. That’s proof enough for any sensible person that everyone should get vaccinated. As for Djokovic, he said he hadn’t travelled to more than one country in the last 14 days, when he had. He claimed exemption on the grounds of recent infection, which the Australian authorities have said is not a valid reason for a foreign national being granted admission to the country. He breached Serbia’s isolation rules by failing to self-isolate after testing positive. That’s three “mistakes”. Not one, three.

      • Everyone is talking about this certain vaccine. Not helping. Well the flu vaccine doesn’t help either because some people still get it. But people still get it. They NEVER said if u get the vaccine, you won’t get the virus or spread it. They said it will help you from getting real sick, going to the hospital, getting put on the ventilator, and dying. Where did you get your information from? There’s NO excuse for Novak because he already knew the rules months ago just like all the other players. He’s just whining like a 3 yr ol. Grow the hell up.

      • I agree with much of what you say. However, like it or not, it is their country and their law. You must be vaccinated to enter their country.It is also England’s law. It is also NYC’s law.Novak is not bigger than the law of any country ( or state law).He made his choice.

  7. Rafa is 100% right. This Novak saga has dominated the news instead of the AO itself. Novak did not comply and sadly lied and falsified his visa application. Lies are catching up with him. It’s time to send him packing and let us focus on tennis. All good wishes to Rafa, an example for everyone. 🇪🇸⭐️☘️

    • Rafa believes in science where as ND believes in power positive thinking ~ Rafa is trusting the Epidemiologist and scientists who are experts on creating vaccines that are highly effective on the very deadly covid 19 virus. I have not heard of anyone drying of Clotting from the vaccines but have lost two very dear friends that died from covid and were not vaccinated. ND believes in Hocus Pocus that if you think positively you can turn toxic food & water into pure drinkable water and editable food! With all that being said it doesn’t matter because he lied & Apparently Altered Documents ~ Rafa would never act like that nor would his parents encourage him to be so deceitful & disrespectful. ND needs to go home ~ like Rafa says the AO will on with on without him!

      • It’s all about money. Without Novak AO will have challenges. Novak is the biggest draw. Novak has more tennis longevity left than than Rafa or Federer. I won’t be surprised if Rafa exits in one of the earlier rounds. Without Rafa and Novak interest in AO will drop sharply.

      • Not necessarily. There’s a big Greek community in Melbourne, and they will really get behind Stef Tsitsipas … assuming that his elbow’s OK. Sascha Zverev also has a lot of fans. And Ash Barty will obviously attract support. But, yes, Roger’s already missing, and Serena, and the younger players haven’t quite got the same star appeal yet.

  8. No Rafa, the vaccine IS NOT THE SOLUTION, it is the end for many players.. When this vaccine starts taking the lives of the players you wont be so ready to stand behind this experimental poison! Ask Jeremy Chardy how that work’d out for him……. Novak has it right… Pro-immune system..

    • Rennadr, you got that right!! These clot shots are killing people. Rafa, hopefully
      got a saline shot, at least I pray he did.
      Vamos Rafa!

    • ….many millions have taken the vaccine without incident. That sort of hyperbole is not helpful or constructive. I am not a huge advocate of mandatory vaccination, but it is not for me to say what the laws of a country I am visiting should be. Novak is a guest. He must abide by the laws and rules of the host.

  9. Hope to see Rafa winning his long awaited 2nd AusOpen this year. His long overdue for his win here.
    Good luck for him winning his 21st GS title.
    VAMOS RAFA. No 1 for us all.

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