VIDEO: Rafael Nadal hopes to win another Australian Open title

Rafael Nadal has had a turbulent 2021 missing both Wimbledon and the US Open through injury. But the 35-year-old is back in action, and after winning the Melbourne Summer Set, is hoping to achieve his first Australian Open title since 2009.


  1. Rafa’s pre-event press conference is on YouTube:

    Rafael Nadal pre-event news conference Australian Open 2022

  2. In an opinion piece by columnist Max Boot, in the Washington Post….

    “He [ND] claimed to be eligible for an exemption from the vaccination requirement because he had tested positive for the coronavirus on Dec. 16. How convenient. Was he planning to skip the Australian Open if he didn’t catch a potentially deadly disease the month before?

    Der Spiegel journalists found his certificate to be highly suspect. When they accessed the QR code on Monday afternoon the result came back negative. An hour later, the same QR code returned a positive result. Djokovic submitted a second, negative test result to show that he is no longer contagious — but Der Spiegel found evidence suggesting that the second test was actually conducted before the positive test. These certificates were generated in Serbia, where Djokovic is a national hero. It would not be hard to find cooperative physicians willing to provide any certificate he wanted.

    So there is good reason to question whether Djokovic’s positive test result was genuine. If it was, that presents even more problems, because he was photographed in proximity with other people, without a mask, in the days following his supposed positive test. On Dec. 18, he did a photo shoot with a French sports magazine — and never informed the journalists that he had just tested positive.
    So either Djokovic concocted a phony coronavirus test or he really did have covid and recklessly endangered others. Neither possibility casts his character in a flattering light.“

    • Thanks for the post. That’s been my thinking all along. A positive test exactly when he needed it? Ummm., yes, highly suspicious. Otoh, he’s just nutty enough to truly believe that a vaccination would permanently weaken his “god-given” golden body. And along with Tiley’s hint-hint-wink-wink urging concoct a story. Yeah, something smells rotten in Serbia. His parents have been feeding him this story that he’s God’s own Chosen One since he was a young child. No wonder he believes it, along with half of Serbia.

      • You’re welcome, Ramara. I’ve been following this saga from day one and, for me, things just didn’t add up. The media isn’t helping either because a lot of articles aren’t stressing that ND won his appeal on a technicality. Border patrol gave him until 8:30am to furnish proof of his right to an exemption but canceled his visa before 8:30am. That’s what Judge Kelly ruled.

        Now the media are ignoring the fact that Hawke had to check and recheck the discrepancies in ND’s application for an exemption —that takes time—-so now Hawke is the bogeyman for canceling his visa a second time at such a late date.

        Granted that both sides goofed up but the onus is on ND to prove the veracity of his statements on his exemption application.

        AND, how is it that he is the only one who didn’t understand you have to be vaccinated in order to play the AO UNLESS he had a recent Covid infection that rendered him VERY ILL.

        There was also a deadline to apply for an exemption which I can’t recall.

        I am just disgusted that border patrol didn’t give him the time to furnish his phony documents and then put him on a plane back to Serbia.

        Here in the U.S. our own Supreme Court voted down the federal government’s mandate for large companies to vaccinate their employees. Since when did judges become infectious disease experts?

  3. Yesssss Glad you are on the court to do your best!!! forget your age thing and play like the champion you are!!!!!!Vamos

  4. Rafa good luck in the Australia tournament vamosssssss champ this year is going to be amazing for you 💪💪💪👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️👍

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