Rafael Nadal comments on Novak Djokovic’s court win in Australia

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Rafa Nadal called Novak Djokovic’s COVID-19 vaccination controversy in Australia “a circus” and joked that he would prefer that the world number one tennis player didn’t play at the upcoming Australian Open.

Djokovic was released from Australian immigration detention on Monday after winning a court challenge to remain in the country to pursue his bid for a record 21st Grand Slam title at the Australian Open.

Rafa told Spanish radio station Onda Cero:

Whether or not I agree with Djokovic on some things, justice has spoken and has said that he has the right to participate in the Australian Open and I think it is the fairest decision to do so, if it has been resolved that way. I wish him the best of luck.

On a personal level, I’d much rather he didn’t play! (laughs)

It’s sports, many interests move around it, on a general level, at an economic, advertising level. Everything is much better when the best can be playing.

The most important institutions in the world say that the vaccine is the way to stop this pandemic and the disaster that we have been living for the last 20 months.

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  1. Channel 7News Melbourne presenters Rebecca Maddern and Mike Amor were discussing the current saga surrounding Serbian tennis star Djokovic and the controversy of him being allowed into Australia without a Covid-19 vaccination.

    However, while the pair was off-air, the camera was still rolling and somebody was able to record every word that they said about the world number one. The video was then posted on social media and has since gone viral. Here is the transcript of what the pair had said:

    During the off-air rant, Maddern turned to Amor and said: “Whatever way you look at it, Novak Djokovic is a lying, sneaky a***hole.”

    Amor replied: “He’s an a***hole.”

    Maddern added: “Like whatever way you look at it, it’s unfortunate that everybody else stuffed up around him.”

    Amor then reiterated: “That’s it, I mean he’s an a***hole.”

    Maddern also claimed that Djokovic had a ‘bulls*** fing excuse’ and ‘fell over his own ‘fing lies’.

    This prompted Amor to say the Serb believes ‘he’s going to get away with it’ – a point that Maddern agreed with.

    Following this, Madden continued, saying: “I think most fair minded people would say, ‘Look, the bloke’s an a***hole’. Did we, did they do the right thing by him? I don’t know.”

    Maddern replied: “No. I don’t think so.”

    After Amor stated that ‘they f***ed it up’ and that ‘that’s the problem’, Maddern said: “I don’t think, I don’t think anything was gained by putting him in [an] immigration hotel.”

  2. Yup….number one SCUM is alive and well. Hope someone takes him out of the match…..vamis Rafa!!!

  3. Rafa, please keep focusing on tennis. Don’t embarrass yourself commenting on Djokovic or Pandemic what you don’t know anything about…except what the paid media is telling you.

    • HOW DARE YOU! Rafa is known to give his opinion on many things and YES, he knows the FACTS of COVID-19!!!

      • 👏👏 Thank you Margo! Wanting to say something but was happy you spoke up first! Some people are just so simple!

      • Scaredy-cat, LOL
        That person is not a fan because we know he keeps abreast of many subjects, Covid-19 being one of them. And…he has been consistent about the need to be vaccinated.

        THE NERVE!!!!

        Don’t start me off Ziggy…I don’t wanna be booted🦶🥾

      • I know I’ve gotten the 👢 a few times right here! But I can’t keep my emotion in check when someone is berating our boy! 😜

    • Where are you getting your information from? Not from any media? Then from where? When you get sick, do you listen to experts, or djokovic?

    • Good grief Biss did you not read or listen to Rafa’s comments. Besides your grammar is terrible.

  4. Comments well said Rafa, on with the tennis……wishing you all the very best……YOU SIMPLY THE BEST…your biggest Kiwi fan……

  5. Nick Kyrgios has testosterone positive for Covid. So his wish not to come up against Djokovic at the AO has been granted. Long may your fake, one-sided bromance last sport 🤣

      • I don’t think it was ‘predictive’ text it was a clever textake sorry mistake.

    • That was a funny one! I thought for a second there was a new variant spawning with testosterone! Being that it was Nick kyrgios anything with testosterone wouldn’t be too far off!

  6. Whilst the Australian authorities score an own goal, Macron has stated at the outset that all sportpeople must be vaccinated before entering France. Boris Johson has hinted the same thing with respect to England. The US has very stringent vaccination requirements as well.
    All three countries will learn from Austalia’s blunder, so even if Djokovic plays the Aussie Open, his grand slam participation may well end there for the rest of the year at least.

    • @Lorna But Djokovic’s brother Djordje said that French minister of sport said Djokovic is welcome to play there. Serbia is so corruptive so even this test from December 16 seems very doubtful… I’m sure he’ll find the way to play both in Paris and Wimbledon.

      • Emily, how the political wind changes. First Macron said that he wanted to “p _ _ _ off the unvaccinated….” by making their lives difficult to spur them into getting vaccinated. Now the French Sports Minister is welcoming an unvaccinated Djokovic. Who and what can we believe? Looks like the dirty hand of politics for all to see.

      • Well it’s interesting as I’ve been watching some of the tennis commentators today talking about Djokovic. They were saying that something like 97% of the tennis players at the AO are fully vaccinated and that they think it’s going to be increasingly difficult for him to maintain his position of not getting vaccinated and continuing to compete. I think that’s fair, if everyone else is taking steps (even if they don’t personally want to get vaccinated) and he remains the outlier, than maybe he needs to either get vaccinated or stop playing on the ATP tour! Regardless of whether’s he’s the number 1 player or not I don’t think he gets to continue to be the only one to flout the rules and go against the advice of most medical doctors, scientists and the rest.

  7. And Djokovic wonders why fans don’t have the same love and regard for him that they do for Rafa and Roger – really??!!!! He will never have the stature or the respect that they have and frankly he doesn’t deserve it. Doesn’t matter how many grand slams he wins, I will never regard him as the GOAT!

  8. This is a decision that will embolden antivaxxers. If he tested positive on Dec. 16, he still felt free to meet maskless with others on Dec. 17, including children. This technicality may result in a superspreader event. The lawyers found their loophole, but Omicron may win.

    • @Isabel Also if he tested postive and walked around, he should finish in some prison cause the law in Serbia is very clear about it, but since he is a God there and everything is full of corruption he’ll be fine. All Serbian media are on Djokovic’s side and they are not objective at all.

  9. Simon Chamber posted on Twitter: “It’s clear Novak Djokovic has had a rough time over the past few days, but sooner or later, he will also have to answer why he was out and about, maskless and mixing with many people in the days after his Dec 16 positive Covid test.” I believe if Djokovic decides to play he is going to win, but after all this circus he will never be respected in the tennis world as Rafa and Fed even if he wins 25 Grand Slam titles.

  10. As is turns out, the 6-month Covid-19 infection exemption rule is meant only for those living in Australia. But… ND won his appeal on a technicality; he was given until 8:30am to furnish proof that he had contracted Covid-19 but border personnel canceled his visa before he could get the proof. Judge Kelly felt that was unreasonable.

  11. They gave DJOKEVIC a pass but that was expected as he didn’t go home . Just wish he would have been deported as it sets a bad message that rules don’t apply to him . Nonetheless, Rafa has the same obstacle he always has but its time for payback . Rafa needs to bring his A game and dress in all black !

  12. Rafa is right. The whole thing has become a “circus”. Djokovic may have won the battle, but he hasn’t won the war…..
    Looking forward to the AO draw and hoping that Rafa has a successful passage through it.

  13. Does anyone here suspect Djoko faked his positive covid test? With the positive PCR test result on 16th Dec and then meeting a number of people without a mask on 16th, 17th and 18th.

      • That’s what was given as proof in the legal hearing. In any case, if the PCR test was positive on 16th, why would he put so many other people at risk of infection (more than 25 kids in one of the photos) afterwards and not self-isolate?

  14. Ugh… what a distraction.

    Can we get some more tennis please? Is Rafa playing in any other tournament this week?

    • Really? What rock did you just crawl out from under? This is his second positive Covid test and still no mask and no quarantine. I don’t really care what happens to him, he’ll just keep getting Covid and eventually someone will contract it from him and may die. I have a daughter-n-law with two amazing sons, ages 10 & 13. My son and her just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. She has been battling cancer for over 10 years and every year it keeps spreading. She has suffered so much and only keeps going for her sons. So I got 2 vaccines, a booster and I wear a mask…not for me, but for her, my son and my grandsons. This is not the time to be a narcissist, we just need to help each other and end this as soon as possible! Oh and of course Vamos Rafa!!!

      • You realize that the CDC has said that the vaccine does not prevent transmission of Omicron. Only prevents serious illness. so Djokovic can transmit the same way the vaccinated players can. There is logic to say I vaccinated are a direct danger to ofhers.

      • You’re just extremely influenced by the lying media.the vaccine does NOT protect anyone else but yourself. You can still transfer, pass, infect people all around you. The virus’ size is .01 micron. There’s no way to avoid the spread. Hence all latest infections among the vaccinated and boostered.

      • I think you have been brainwashed by the media. Despite the fact you have been Vaxed you can still spread the virus. The Vax is to reduce the symptoms. I am sorry about your family. I chose to be Vaxed. Not forced. And yes Vamos Rafa.

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