VIDEO: Rafael Nadal tops Maxime Cressy for Melbourne crown – highlights of the final

Highlights of the Melbourne Summer Set final between Rafael Nadal and Maxime Cressy.


  1. Rafa parabéns vc é uma pessoa iluminada, humilde e perseverante Deus te dê muita saúde em sua vida te admiro muito rapaz vc joga tênis demais cara se sinta abraçado.

  2. Does anyone here suspect Djoko faked his positive covid test? Apparently he had a positive PCR test on 16th Dec. He was pictured meeting people without a mask on 16th, 17th and 18th. And roaming in the streets on 25th as well. Now they will probably say he did not get his results till 18th. But the timing seems too convenient to me. I won’t be surprised if he faked it, as he is too desperate for records and is too self-obsessed.

    • Probably not.

      It seems Djokovic cannot lose in or on an Australian court. This issue will fire him up for sure. Kyrgios said he wouldn’t want to face Djoker in this state:)

      Anyway, enough of the drama and let the tennis run its course.

    • He is practicing on Rod Laver as we speak~ He will get away with lying and not caring who he is exposing to this deadly virus ~ As Mac said enough drama and let’s see how it effects him~ he pulled Shenanigans at the Olympics and Karma came back to bite him ~ he will have his fans supporting him but bet he’ll be booed more ~ meanwhile we can be proud of Rafa knowing he or his team would never think of disrespecting Australia or any other country like ND has!

  3. Congratulations Rafa well don you play amazing tennis vamosssssss champ 👏👏👏👏👏💪👍💪👍💪👏❤️🎾👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. Great shot of adrenaline before the AO. We know it will be more physically demanding. Hope your
    foot responds well-you have come so far since your injury. Such a meaningful win🙏👏🎾🍀❤️

  5. Great start to the year to see Rafa back competing and biting a trophy. This victory will give him confidence. Rafa is a true champion both on and off the court. I am proud to support him since he was a teenager. 🇪🇸👍👏

  6. Dear Rafa N: On The Canaries, I´m most glad about your Victory, once again congratulation, you play, and have done it, very well, I´m happy, for this new titel you got. C. Javier

  7. Yes YES YES!
    Congratulations Rafa… well done, a well deserved win.
    Great way to begin 2022
    Woooop! xoxo

  8. That was really high quality tennis from both players. Rafa really looked sharp; the best yet. I’d like to hear from Coach Moya but I am sure he is pleased.

    • Yes, it was. Congratulations to Rafa and Maxime who made the final as a qualifier, quite impressive! Hope he win his first title soon.🍀

      • WHAT, Mimi???? Not too soon I hope. LOL Isn’t he playing the AO?

        Here’s what he had to say about Rafa, according to tennismedia
        on Twitter:

        Choose your champions carefully you never know when they will play jokes on you. “I inspire myself from Rafael Nadal, I was impressed by his attitude and his dedication” – Maxime Cressy

  9. I knew Rafa would find a way to win, very happy he did it in straights and served out the second set. Hopefully it will give him a confidence boost for AO.

  10. I was really pleased by Rafa’s victory and he played well enough to overcome Cressy’s serve and volley game ,which was very challenging .Congratulations to Rafa and I am looking forward to AO 2022 .
    .it’s possible that Rafa may be winning another trophy and a 21st slam.

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