Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello’s Elegant Madrid Dinner Date

Photo: Europa Press

Rafael Nadal and his wife, Maria Francisca Perello, enjoyed a night in Madrid.

The couple went to have dinner at O’Pazo restaurant, located on Reina Mercedes Street in the capital.

After a pleasant dinner where they may have tasted some of the restaurant’s specialties, they left very smiling and thanked the staff.

Before getting into the car that was waiting for them at the door, they answered the questions from paparazzi, confessing that they are ‘very happy’ with their son, Rafa Junior, who turned one year old on October 8th.

Rafa was also asked about his injury, and he responded with, “Everything is fine, I’m satisfied, life is good, yes,” without delving into further specifics about his personal situation.


    • I agree. Twice.

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  1. So glad to see them having time for each other especially after all these years when Rafa was travelling and they couldn’t be together as much as they wanted.

  2. Really wish the car door had slammed that annoying persons hand who was sticking the mic right in Rafa’s face.

    Personal space, dude. I mean, c’mon!?!?!

    • Urgh. This site can be fiddly and annoying at times so I’ve broken the golden rule of forum posting and have replied to my own post. Because I tried to make a new comment, forum wasn’t having it. Ok, fine.

      If Rafa was doing a major charity fundraiser thing. Fair enough, he wants the publicity for his cause. Bring on the microphones.

      He’s not doing that though, he’s just trying to have a nice meal with his wife.

      Those paps need to just bugger off and leave him plus his wife alone.

      Bloody vultures. The lot of them. Such intrusive, rude and horrible people. Rafa, being as kind and lovely as he is, actually gave them the time of day, that’s just Rafa, he’s a nice guy.

      Imagine the rolls were reversed. How would those vultures like it if a big huge gang of pests turned up wherever they went and were rude, horrible and intrusive?

      Just leave Rafa alone. The lot of you. If you need a scoop then fine, go to a press meeting. That sticking the mic right in his face is horrible. Kindness and courtesy cost nothing.

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